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Holy Smokes!


This game is amazing!  I just took my K/D from 1.08 to 1.11 today!  Great news is, my internet speeds are usually 20down, 10up.  Tonight, it was 5down 2 up.  I was untouchable!  Pure domination!  This game really does play better with slower internet speeds...Activision really sucks.

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    Well, just had my first game in about 20 matches where I rage quit because I was 6-15 and lagging my ass off, looked on speedtest, and yup my 20down 10up was back right when the lag kicked in!  Thanks Activision...and your Liberal ways of taking from the fast and giving to the slow....I CANT STAND THE INCONSISTENCY OF THIS CRAPPY GAME.

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    This topic has cause a lot of rage on my behalf.

    I used to have (great plains - probably a nebraska thing) about a 150 ping, 3-4 download speed, and a >1 upload speed.

    I upgraded my internet (century link) and I'm know getting >60 ping, 10-12 download speed, and a 1 upload speed.

    I am not red-barring as much, but I am also not getting as good of a connection as I had anticipated. The lag compensation is obviously the reason, and I don't think that it would matter if I had a 1 ping, 300 download speed, and 100 upload speed.

    The game relies on the medium host, and everyone in the lobby plays off of the guy in the middle. So people with really good internet speed will lag as bad as the guy with really terrible internet speed. I noticed that upgrading has done me a little bit of justice, but it has not solved the problem.


    In my personal opinion, I think that CoD should go back to the MW2 days, and get the best connector to host the game. If you have bad internet service, upgrade. But then that goes against the "making money" ideal of the current CoD system - if everyone can't play effectively, then we are losing customers.

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    Your bandwidth doesnt mean anything. Its your ping that matters. Being here as long as you have i would have expected you to know better then this....

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    ive said the same thing when i was running 4 up 1 down i was going insane! 20-5 was the norm, I figured well FASTER speeds would make me invincible! 15 up 5 down and im going like 11-11 lol. Granted, Im using a **** ton of different guns, but the actual GAMEPLAY feels different Im getting Hitmarkers on HC with the FAL! Not long distance, not thru walls just right up on the guy lol.