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I prefer the assualt rifles in the other COD games.


The assualt rifles don't have an edge this time round. The Type 25 is too much like an SMG, the MTAR is a gun for people who can't shoot, the burst fire weapons are tricky at close range, and the AN-94 is the last gun you get to unlock. I used to like the FAL with full auto before it got nerfed and I've had some good games with the SCAR. None of them have an edge, at close range they're outgunned by SMG's and at medium and long sniper rifles and LMG's win. In the first Black Ops the Commando or the Galil I just could not go wrong with and in MW3 you have the AK-47, G36c and the ACR. In Black OPs 2, I don;t have much use for assualt rifles. Any one else?