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The Ice Clan - Recruiting - PS3 MW3


The Ice Clan


Leaders: IronBroWNie123 &mrcool14318

Co-Leaders(Male): AMAZIN_GAMIN, fatlove17, iRazziDazz, xXblessedXx_

Co-Leaders(Female): Aisling1991, DuckSwimmer, jenerou2, JenJenlovee, RAWRmonster23


The Ice Clan is now recruiting members. We're a pretty fun and chill group of people. Although, we do have rules and requirements within the clan.



Ground war: Domination - At least 25 kills and go positive. If you go even, we look at your assits and go from there.



  • You may not fight with other members within the clan.
  • You may not back out from a game while playing with the clan
  • You must wear your clan tag at all times
  • No flirting with the females within the clan


If you join and have one of these issues. You may approach a Leader or Co-Leader and the appropriate action will be taken.


*We do have people that play Black Ops II to level up that part of the clan, but we're mainly a MW3 clan. It is mandatory that you have MW3.*


We are also in need of and looking for Premium Members.


We hope to see you during your try-outs if you decide to join. Thank you for your time and have a good day.