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ps3 player in need of clan. Kill confirmed, Deathmatch; S&D.

Add me if you're recruiting: jimboslice34689. I'm waiting..


Must have an active bunch not three little girls--thank you

  • Re: ps3 player in need of clan. Kill confirmed, Deathmatch; S&D.

    If you are currently still looking for a clan, then I would like to suggest that you join mine. We are relatively new but we are committed. At the moment we are buliding our membership, and I believe that you would make an excellent addition to the team. We are a multi-platform community, meaning we allow people from both PS3 and Xbox360 join our clan.


    Here is what we can offer:


    • A website for easy communication with other members.
    • Mature and friendly gaming environment
    • Oppurtunity to grow and learn as a gamer and as an individual
    • Ability to grow as a leader by obtaining a staff and/or managerial position
    • Monthly events that include, but are not limited to: Tournaments, Recruit Nights, Clan Meetings, Community Nights, Clan Ops etc.
    • Established Ranking system
    • Fully functional forum system
    • Fully function Live Chat room
    • Call of Duty Elite clan
    • Social Media: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook

    If you are interested in joining Alliance Gaming then come check out our website and fill out a recruitment form. I hope to see you soo. Tell them zJaGeRz sent you.