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Looking for a commited clan(360)

Hello, I am looking for an xbox 360 clan that is commited and is not just messin around. i was the leader of a clan a few monthes back and it got out of control and i left. there were fights breaking out and no one was commited enough for the clan to settle its differences. i am past that now and i think that there are some good clans out there that could use a guy like me. I have a .95 K/D and a 233spm. the averages. but this is because i was lone wolfing a game made for clans. now im trying to make a come back and im open for recruitment.you may decide whether you want me or not but youd be missing out on a great oppertunity.



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    ToXic Gaming is a new clan statred yesterday. We have only 2 members but were planning on growing. Come join us . Thank You. Also the recruiting positions are open as of today.  toxicgamingx.enjin.com

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    If you are currently still looking for a clan, then I would like to suggest that you join mine. We are relatively new but we are committed. At the moment we are buliding our membership, and I believe that you would make an excellent addition to the team. We are a multi-platform community, meaning we allow people from both PS3 and Xbox360 join our clan.


    Here is what we can offer:


    • A website for easy communication with other members.
    • Mature and friendly gaming environment
    • Oppurtunity to grow and learn as a gamer and as an individual
    • Ability to grow as a leader by obtaining a staff and/or managerial position
    • Monthly events that include, but are not limited to: Tournaments, Recruit Nights, Clan Meetings, Community Nights, Clan Ops etc.
    • Established Ranking system
    • Fully functional forum system
    • Fully function Live Chat room
    • Call of Duty Elite clan
    • Social Media: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook

    If you are interested in joining Alliance Gaming then come check out our website and fill out a recruitment form. I hope to see you soo. Tell them zJaGeRz sent you.



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    Console Army is currently looking for mature players to join us. Console Army has been around since 2009 and is still fully active in multiple games. All you see nowadays are half made small clans. Most of these have a short life due to the fact that they don't have any stability.


    Console Army is a registered Top 100 clan and we are CNOP approved. We have a facebook page, youtube and a great community. As a member we have a practise night every week and we play with big parties almost every day.


    Must be 15 or older, a bit mature and have a working mic. If you are interested, please visit http://www.consolearmyhq.com