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i really am starting to get alot better on cod at last


all i read on this forum is alot of negativity you all know what it is blah blah.well im here to say that blops 2 is one hell of a good online shooter .my KD is 1 on HC TDM not bad for a 37 year old very late to the cod series.im now starting to average at least 1 maybe 2 care packages a map and got to say the more of them you get the better they are .i had my first AGR last night and what a pleasure it was to follow it around seeing it waste people here there and everywhere.i dont even miss running with ghost as a perk as i go with engineer all i do is whip out my SWAR and bye bye to AVs.i would love to see a zoom on the target finder but i think that might make it a bit to good a sight.i dont even care for campers i think the boosters are far a more dose of the clap than them.all in all i really do feel that MW4 has alot live up to now and must take the wildcards option into its own game all i will say on a negatve note is no HC free 4 all what the ..............