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Flak Jacket is OP as ****


So, I was playing Domination on Raid, we had a VSAT up, the enemy team had a swarm up, I was in the 'Snipers building' on the A side overlooking B, on top of the mop & whatever else is in the right corner when you walk into it, a guy walks up, I had 2 C4's (Danger Close) planted on the middle of the stairs, I detonated them both of them when he was literally right on top of them, he survived that, then I put 1 bullet into him (from the FAL, no, not with select fire so don't call me a noob) and yet he still survived and killed me. This hasn't happened once btw, this has happened countless times where I'd throw a C4 around the corner where I know someone is, they survive with Flak Jacket, I throw the 2nd one, they survive that too, then all they do is throw ONE c4 or Semtex (which I am also using Flak Jacket, but for me it's no where near as protective as it is for my enemies) and I'm either dead or so close to death that they could throw a concussion grenade and kill me.. I get that Flak Jacket is doing it's job, but seriously, 2 C4's and a few bullets (once I had to put 3, maybe 4, bullets from the MP7 into a guy after throwing 2 C4's at him) just to kill a guy.. it's ridiculous.