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hey who wants to join my clan?

Hey guys. my whole clan just quit call of duty for stupid battlefield. I need new people in my clan. the clan tag is SLIX. HERE ARE OPEN SPOTS.



EMP specialist:you can still play the game, but you need 2 have EMPs and engineer.


riot shielder:you need to be good with the riot shield, and lead the rest of the clan through battle.


concussionest:just need concussion, anything else is ok, just need concussion.


light machine gunner:we only want you if tou are good at it. if you are not good, you will be kicked off.


if you want to sign up for the clan, change your clan tag, and add CRAZYCREEPER785 to your friends list. i know, wierd name. named it when i was like 5 so calm down.