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Connection Warriors.

Alright, is it me or is connection a VERY BIG issue? I have a whole bunch of good games, but anything with a 3 bar is either decent, or bad. And with that being said, is it me, or do people that have a better connection than you (people with a 4bar going up against a 3bar) always wanna talk trash but you know that you're better than them? I'm tired of consistent, ignorant trash talkers thinking their good. I'm not bashing the game but Treyarch should really pair you up with a lobby of people with good connections adjacent to yours.

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    That's what the "best" search preference is for.

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      Any, normal or best doesn't make a blind bit of difference from my experience.

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        Yep, the game still matches you with people on a poor connection, maybe the search prefrences make a huge difference for some, but for me and me friends using best does not exclude the laggers from our lobbies.


        There seems to be at least one guy on every connection related thread saying things like "use best" or "put your PS3 into a DMZ" etc., when in most cases it's the piss poor matchmaking causing all these issues and not peoples own connections.


        Also those suggestions for going wired instead of wireless are retarded, unless your router is some ancient POS, or located extremely far and / or behind obstacles, those things shouldn't make any difference.

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      The thing is, I do do best and I have a pretty strong connection. Along with that, I don't have any computers running at my house. It's just frustrating that I can't enjoy a game without some BS happening to me.

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      I use "best" and still get matched up with people giving me red bars.  My ping from North Dakota to Florida is 78....So it's not on my side of things.  And I have 32mbs down and 4mbs up.

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    I seem to get better games using the search option 'any' although I tend to play on normal or best. I have 120mb download and 5mb upload speeds.


    Recently, I haven't been able to find any lobbies with people close to me, it seems to be French, German, Austrian and Italian lobbies but I deleted the map packs Today and for the first time in a while I managed to get into a lobby with people from Scotland and England, using search option any.

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    Today was a perfect example.


    I played 4 lobbies. Had a godlike connection and had KD's of between 3 and 7. My average is 1.25!


    Take a break for an hour.


    Come back, same game mode, but ...... lag and connection are terrible. Take forever watching the 'searching for games/checking quality of games/etc' message reeling round and round. Finally get into a lobby. Screen is yanking around, bullets dribbling out of my gun 2 seconds after I have stopped pressing the trigger, etc. Quit that ( and 3arc want to probation punish US for quitting sessions cos this garbage is unplayable?!?!?!). Manage to get into a couple more lobbies but I am a whole second behind everyone and everything. No way I am even going to hold a positive KD.


    Frankly, until the appaling lack of consistency in lag and connectivity is resolved, BO2 will continue to be a broken POS.

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      Same thing happened to me while playing today. I was going 30 and about 10-15 with 10+ headshots a round and 18 one round. I had so much time. I love it when I get to equip Internet Pro. I also had Wanted Pro cause every time a guy got close to getting around the corner, I heard the ******** about how they were 6 steps past the wall when they died.


      I stopped to make some food, came back and couldn't headshot to save my life. I came back on to the slow searching, and got into a game 2 kills in, so I was not the host. I went 7-19 with 1 headshot. I was like okay I'll go smg tryhard  for the next map, no worries. I was 1-10 when I rage quit. The lobby's spm and k/d was all around 1. Most were below 1.


      The inconsistency is what's crazy. The biggest swing I've ever had was playing ground war Dom at Hydro two rounds in a row with the same team vs the same team basically. I went 70-7 the first round. I swear I was 2 seconds ahead. I could sprint into a guy head glitching already ADSed, and the guy would've been lucky just to hit me. Next round I went 17-22. Nothing changed but the internet.


      Anyone out there always have a good connection? If so, I want your secret. I've become pretty good with home networking because of this game at least.

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    This has been talked to death across all the forums. The connection is medicore at the best of times. I find TDM gives me the best connection as it has the most amount of players on at any given time. I want to play KC b/c getting streaks is way easier but the connection is so inconsistent that I'm stuck with TDM.


    I'm a relatively decent player and try to play smart but there are times when there is absolutely nothing you can do to turn the tide other than stop playing the game. I know the connections bad when I start racking up assist's while going hugely negative e.g. getting 3 kills 10 deaths 12 assists. As soon as this happens I go find another lobby or just stop playing all together.


    The connection usually starts out okay but as you stay in the same lobby and people keep coming & going the connection just get's worse and worse. That's why putting you preferences to"best" does absolutlely nothin as people hardly stay in the lobby for more than 10 seconds let alone a few games.

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    I always have my best games, connection wise, when I run solo. Any time I party up it's with friends who are all in the midwest or east coast (I'm west coast) so I'll usually be a 3 bar in those lobbies and get the **** end of the stick. Matchmaking isn't really a factor in those cases, it's simply distance causing latency.

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    We have numerous threads on this topic. Please do a search and add your thoughts to an existing discussion.



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