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New Gamemode Suggestion!


Hey Black Ops 2 fans, I was thinking of a great new game mode that could be added to the game Black Ops 2. I see that there is a lot of snipers who want to have a thrill to get trickshots and quickscopes and to get sick kills, but in normal gamemodes you have noobs who will easily kill you with an smg or lmg or shotgun. So i was thinking of a new gamemode where you can ONLY use Snipers! Either the svu,dsr,ballista etc. This Gamemode would be great and i would enjoy it myself. Comment and like or whatever SO WE CAN MAKE THIS A TRUE NEW GAMEMODE!! Comment if you like or dislike the idea and maybe try and comment for ideas that can add to this. I hope this comes to Call of Duty: Black ops 2 and I'm sure many others aswell.