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Let me start off by saying that I enjoy the league and I play often. However, there are few things that I feel the need to speak up on.

Today I started #2 Gold in the Team Deathmatch series. I had 400 bonus points, hoping I would end up in Platinum shortly.

I won my 1st match: 50 + 100.

Lost 2nd (I was #1): -150 points!

Won 3rd: 30 pts. + 100

Lost 4th (#1 as usual): -150!

Won 5th (#1): 10 + 100

Lost 6th (#1): -150!

3 wins: 90 // 3 losses: -450... Really???


Call of Duty, this is what we deal with on a daily basis in your league. I cannot put into words the confusion and frustration that we share towards how UNFAIR this ranking system is. Instead of going to #1 in the series like I should have with 400 bonus points, I instead ranked down to #6, even though I was #1 in nearly every match. It was so easy to fall & will take a while longer to rank back up. How in any way is this fair? From my guesstimation, if you're on the good team you win 10 points & lose 150. If you're on the bad team you win 150 & lose 10. It seems fair, but really, what are the odds of a team full of Iron in beating a team full of Gold? (These are the types of matches that I witness) The Gold team inevitably takes10-50 points from the Iron team. This is an unfair waste of everyone's time & here's why:


-The supposed 'solo' ranking system is actually determined by a team performance. So when I'm a Gold placed on a team full of Iron, I get the most points but they get owned. UNFAIR to me as a "Solo" player & my performance when I still lose 150 points.

-I thought the original intent of the league was to play w/ players around your skill set. However, this is not true because I play w/ players from Iron to World Master in nearly every match. UNFAIR to players who have to play with Iron and against World Masters.

-There are also major connection issues within the league, forcing lots of players to rage quit & his teammates to deal w/ the UNFAIR disadvantage.


Here are a couple of tips to consider in your league upgrades:

-Your current rank system is confusing and UNFAIR. If the league is truly solo, than I agree, you should have to win to rank up, that's understandable, but the amount of points you win and lose should be changed! It should be as easy to gain 150 points as it is to lose it. If I do #1 on a losing team, no matter WHAT, you should not lose 150 points. If I do #1 on a winning team, I should win more than 10 points. Either way, I obviously played my butt off & it is UNFAIR considering how the matches are set up. It’s demotivating. How about a flat 100 points, win or lose & get rid of the bonus points system all together? Or if you insist on a variable amount of points, base it  on K/D, which matters very much to us players.

-Create more even teams of the same skillset instead of crazy mosh pits. (Maybe because we all aren't online at the same time?)


THE LEAGUE IS CONFUSING AND UNFAIR (In case you missed that point)

I could go on and on. All I'm asking for is acknowledgement of the issues that we as players face in the league.

PLEASE EXPLAIN THE RULES, That's all. Post a blog or a video  which thoroughly explains how the system works so that we as players may take advantage, this is why we play in the league after all. 150 points is too many points to lose per match in my opinion, especially considering it is a team performance. Please consider these things, Call of Duty. Thank you.