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Please Treyarch...


All I asking  for is more Hardcore modes. CTF and the others have been played out. Can we just get 1 or 2 more modes. Thats it. plus I have Nuketown why can't we play Nuketown on Hardcore. It doesnt seem fair. Come on Treyarch

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    if they made a demo, or dom for hardcore, i would never play regular again.

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    There is enough Hardcore threads. We dont need to start new ones.

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    It is my impression as stated by numerous others on numerous other threads that they cannot add additional slots to the hardcore playlist.  They can remove a gametype from hardcore and add a different one, but they cannot simply add more slots to the hardcore playlist.  This has to do with the programming of the game and cannot be resolved in a simple hot-fix or anything like that.  I don't know a whole lot beyond this, but I would assume they could replace one of the four existing.  This being said, what hardcore mode would be replaced with the new mode?  I would lean toward CTF, but there are people who love that mode too.  Plus, taking out the one objective gametype and replace it with a new one wouldn't really change a whole lot.  So, then would we replace one of the most popular gametypes?  I would be in favor of removing CTF for like an objective moshpit (CTF, DOM, DEMO, HQ), but I do not know how easily this can be accomplished.  I know I would get frusterated playing a moshpit because I would only get to play the type I want to actually play every once in a while.

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    We have many threads on this topic already. Please do a search and contribute your thoughts to existing threads.



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