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Lobby Leaderboard would be rather nice.


I've come across a couple threads about people saying their stuck at the One Bone rank, but are actually decent players altogether. Then you also have the players who are at the Shotgun rank, but boosted it in Custom Games and are actually poor players. The Icon was originally meant to be a way to tell how good a player is, but at this point, I think it's been so manipulated to the point that it can't even do that anymore really. So I think the nicest thing that could happen at this point in time, would be to add an option in the Leaderboards for "Lobby". (We currently have Public/Worldwide, and Friends.)


This way I think it'd be a little easier to judge players based on their overall stats, INSTEAD of their rank. Either this, or they could have the option to allow players to view other player's Careers. Just my thoughts on the whole Icon system at the time being, and players judging others just based on it.


~ Erijian