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high maintence question


my question is simple but i feel i should ask because im going insane trying to get them. does stulenger need the knife or can anybody have it. i already did the other side of the egg but it seems every time we start the maxis side the box doesnt want to give him the knives to be pack a punched. i keep getting to point where the sacrifice has been made and the knives are needed but again the box doesn't want to give stuleger the knife. any help or tips would be nice

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    Not mine but it should get the job done....



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    two must grab the balls.. ( Lol ) and the two that have the balls, are the only ones who can hit the ?? box to get the Bknife.. so make sure you gotta lotta points !!

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      i have done maxis side i dunno 10 times maybe you do not have to grab the balls until you need them towards the end id leave them there if i was you ... second off samuel does not need the knife any of you can have the knife and you only need one person to have it and make sure its PaP you can shoot the buddah or the floor of the room any where really it doesnt matter and you dont have to down russman and revive him thats a lie too ... but i know the last time i done it if we picked up the balls before we actually needed them the ee didnt work .. so we went back in and done it again but this time didnt get the balls till we used them with the tramplesteam and it worked that time and this was right after the update so i think they made it to where you cant pick them up until u need to ... hope some of this works for ya and helps ya out and im on xbox so if you need help just give me a shout