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MW3 Domination seeking for friends.

Ive been playing mw3 dominaiton since its release date. At first I play it on PC, then hackers totally ruined this game, so here I am playing it on PS3. Ive been playing it solo for a long time and dumb teamates really piss me off. Usually they never go for B for some reason, and when we are losing A or C, they never go back to take it back. For most of the time I feel like I am the only one whos playing domination and rest of the team is playing free-4-all, they all just camping at every corner of the map and wait.


I tried to find someone who loves MW3 Domination like I am and I couldn't, so I'm trying my luck here to see if there is someone here.


If you do love playing MW3 Domination$Demolition  Please add me on PSN :  xiaoyuanzi0909


If you know how to play domination, that would be GREAT.


Thanks guys and have a good day.