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What's up with finding rooms in multiplay.

(XBOX user) Ever since BLOPS2 came out, it looks like there are very few people playing MW3.  I mean, very few.  Often I have to wait forever in Hardcore Team Death Match to get hooked up with a match.  The counter will show either 0, 1, or sometimes 2 'possible games' and then I just seem to have to wait and hope that I can get in one of those.  I figured, wow, everyone must be in love with BLOPS2 that nobody plays.  In addition, I seem to be playing always with a (relatively) small group of people.  I haven't been able to play anything but Team Death Match, because ground war or any other game, there are just no players there.  Then, last Sunday (March 3), all of the sudden, it was like everyone came back.  I could play any game I want, there were enough people in every room, and all games I played I joined at <50ms.  Then Monday, right back to 'empty'.  Does anyone else have this problem.  I thought it was the fact that nobody is playing, or that I only have the first DLC maps bought (+ the free ones).  But then last Sunday doesn't make sense.  Now I think, maybe it is my internet provider related (Verizon Fios, 35Mbps up and down).  I don't know.  Anyone experience what I experience?