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Looking for People for Die Rise EE (Richtofen)

EDIT: We completed Maxis! Yes, we had a change of plans, but oh well. Still looking to do Richtofen, so feel free to post.


Well, after a few days of learning the map, I'm thinking it's time to do the EE. I'll do Richtofen first (it seems easier) but might eventually do Maxis.


You MUST have these requirements:


1) Know the steps to the EE.

2) Know your way around the map, parts to all buildables, and location of each step.

3) You don't have to have a microphone, but you must communicate through chat at the very least.

4) Skulls or up, with at least 2 tallies. No crossbones or one bones.

5) Know how EE's work. Do Tower of Babble if you're unsure (not a requirement, just a suggestion).

6) Listen to, follow, and actively participate in all the instructions given.


I won't hesitate to get you out of the group if you show signs of not following the above.


Leave your Steam and PLEASE leave the link to your page, because there might be more than one person sharing your name.


Thanks, and see you in Die Rise