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Stop downloading porn PLEASE+ Ping limit

Since the update to show ping numbers ive found out that people playing this game either have an AWFUL connection or are downloading god knows what(see title) to their pc.


I live in a very rural area in germany so i dont have a super connection but just a regular dsl line and my ping is nearly always under 40 while playing wirelessly through two floors using a repeater. Im ALWAYS getting tagged up with people from somewhere around the moon who somehow manage to have a 150+ ping and who are glitching across the map, making them very hard and very annoying to kill. Even when I play at 4 am my time and get put in an american server, my ping still doesnt go over 90 and when i try downloading something my ping still doesnt go higher than 110-115 no matter how hard i try...


My solution: Put a ping LIMIT on servers, that way people will be forced to stop downloading crap while playing this game, i think a ping limit of 100 would be a good start, ive found that in the (rare) servers where everyone has a ping under 100, the gameplay is much less laggy and gun fights actually feel fair.

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    With a max ping, we will never find a match

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    I think it is you who has come from moon OR been lucky till now.  Haven't you heard about this issue anywhere till now ?


    This is what is called MATCHMAKING man.  They dont have Dedicated servers anymore, and if they start blocking on ping limit; then they wont be able to cater all their customers, around the world.


    I used to play on my dedicated server till now.  But since we dont have any Dedis now, (starting from Black Ops 2), you have got to bear with me mate.


    BTW our ping has ALWAYS remained 300+ and we are ALWAYS being matched with <50 pingers.  So lucky you, we haven't met yet


    Thats MATCHMAKING vs DEDICATED SERVER concept, actually !

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      No sir you are wrong, they do have dedicated servers but they don't have enough.


      From what I've hard is that Germany is the only server location for the entire europe, so players all the way from the tip of Greece to probably russia all have to connect to that one sever location and have no other choice.


      Nonthing will be done about this, PC gamers count less that zero in 3arc's eyes. They thought it would be an excellent idea to just "even things out" with this stupid lag compensation idea.


      Those of us that dont live in this perfectly happy middle area know full well how much that sucks.

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    Tbh i've never tried pinging the servers so I can only really guess at things but, in the old days of Jolt, i'd usually ping around 25 to a UK server and about 16 or 17 to my clan server. That was in ET of course and in BO2 I rarely see myself under about mid-40's. As a quick test




    would seem to back up what lipe123 is saying, with maybe Munich as a potential location. Whatever it is, it sucks, because i've played a lot of clan matches against German clans and never suffered the wild swings that BO2 gameplay has. If there's a bright side, at least it keeps me away from my own countrymen for most games as they're usually the worst offenders for the abuse and trolling

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    I know exactly how you feel there. My ping is somewhere around 35 in-game normally and was slightly above 20 in BO.

    Even when I made a connection between west coast US and central EU the ping was only around 110-130ms.

    There's no possible way I could think of that would give people pings of 250ms+ or even 400+, values I've seen already.


    A limit to this would really help. Not short-term, of course, but hopefully people would get their connections and setups tightened-up and return with better latencies. It's not going to work, ever, when everyone's on a flaky, firewalled, wireless connection AND from across the globe.

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    Yes I agree with OP. I always find it hard to kill the high pingers.Also I have noticed another problem. there are certain players with 3 + k/d with a normal ping 40-50 but it is almost impossible to kill them, doesn't matter how good you are.I was playing with a guy yesterday and everytime he was on my screen I lagged and was unable to shoot and kill him at the same time my bullets didnt register.This only happens with certain people.Not only me but the whole team was having the same problem.Any idea whats wrong? I am sure these guys are not skilled it is just that we cant shoot at them coz we lag when we aim at them and plus the bullets dont register.

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      That sounds familiar too. If you see one of these guys in killcam (as I only play Hardcore I get to see it if one of them is in the final killcam) the "connection interrupted" symbol is blinking all the time.

      I don't know how that fits together, normal ping and ci, but it seems to happen.

      Quite the mistery puzzle to solve here.

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        The problem ist the outdated game engine. Call of Duty runs on a modified Quake 3 engine, they improved things from title to title, but some concepts can't be changed easily. Game logic and frame rendertime are tied together, so better frame-rates can give you better hit detection. The worst thing is actually that your frame rate can change your fire rate of your gun and your movement speed! Lag compensation is also really bad. The game tries to compensate bad pings and actually might give an advantage. With the new patch i look for low ping matches only, im normally at about 50 ping, but sometimes the game feels really laggy despite of that. I don't know why, but I just know that the whole netcode isn't good.