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Prestige master


So, I hit the 10th prestige and 55, but i have been here for some time and seems like I should have gotten something to show prestige master.  (nothing but the prestige emblem with no "55", is there something I should be doing?  (*or am I reallllly close).



Is this the reset stats?

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    Keep playing.  You have to earn about 50K xp after hitting 55.

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    Ya just keep playing, it will show up. Congrats!

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    I just want to say welcome to the club when you get there.....


    Things to look forward to when prestige master: (I'll start with the first one, help me out fellas)



    1) Being called a booster

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      There is also being called a no-life which annoys me.  In addition, people seem to think that prestige master means a player is skilled, but it isn't true at all.


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        Prestige master means nothing at all other than showing a person played long enough to get there. It does not denote skill at all. I constantly see prestige masters that go 1-20 3-15 all the time. I would have been a prestige master by now if I had not reset my stats at prestige 6 to get the eraser playercard which has more value to me than being a prestige master ever will. It shows I had the courage to not care about my stats and give them and everything else up and start over fresh with out any fear about it.

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    Wait what?


    You got the prestige master emblem with no "55"? Aka rank?


    Then no, thats it... There is a small message that pops up telling you everything is now unlocked but it's easy to skip over after a match. So if you have the prestige master with no "55" then you just skipped te message most likely.


    There's nothing special that happens.


    Your just done now.

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    What really helps is completing as many challenges as you can, a lot of players don't do that thus the reason they are having trouble getting there...imo