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Looking for an organized PS3 clan? Here we are!

We are Smok3W33dEryDay, a middleweight PS3 clan. We are a well organized clan of 50+ members divided into smaller squads. We are looking to recruit down to earth BO2 players who want to take their gameplay to the next level! We are only looking for ACTIVE players, who will be able to meet with their squad regularly to go over strategies and practices. Play in weekly squad vs. squad scrimmages designed to train and be trained! Dominate in public matches with your squads personalized game plans! Stay conected to your squad and your clan leader! We are more than just a clan, we are a brotherhood! If you are interested, check out or website for more info on us and details on how to apply at: http://www.StayGr33n.webs.com/ Stay Gr33n!