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It's official

I have gone from my beginning kd of .64 to  1.0. I'm not trying to boast, it just feels good to say that I have improved but thaat prob because I have been using shotguns a lot recently.

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    congrats, friend.  It does feel good to improve.  I have improved every COD but I just started with BO1.  not to the benchmark 1.0 yet, but getting there quickly.


    keep up the good work..



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    kd, wl and any kind of stats make no difference.


    its a game

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    I am stuck at 1.49. Don't know what else to do

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    Well done pal!

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    I have a friend who went from .40 to 1.30 k/d and he has over 30,000 kills. It was a lot of work on his part. But obviously the more you get to know the game, the better you will improve.

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    congrats on gettng to the  ''1.00'' kd bro..i know id like to be be there some day.im what you call ah...''OLD GAMER''..prolly have the oldeest clan tag still opeating in xbox.went live a month after they started on line with rainbow 6 and ghost recon,fun days.i too would like to make the 1.00 some day but im a run and gunner with no regard to dieing 10 times to get that 1 kill..lol..but i live and breath the call of duty series, and love it when someone finds joy in improving...congrats,beware of the the boosters,they are very very bad in this one,NO ONE CAN HAVE 15.. 30+ KILL STREAKS WITH OUT DIEING...and higher with only a few games played,a KD of less then 1.0 and a total score of less then 10,000...and i see them in every match .i am a prestige master with gold and diamond weapons ''big deal''we all know its about unlocking ''i want them all'' the calling cards,but i have logged in the time..14 days...32734 kills....3463250 score...and 26679 medals..lol..