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Any love for the flak jacket?


Started using flak jack recently and I gotta say, finally! Someone that truly countres explosives.


So next time your getting pissed and that johnny tossing c4's, or lobbing war machine grenades, suit this up.


I tested it out. Someone with flak jack is invulnerable to 2 weaker explosives. Takes 3 war machine nades, 3 c4's, other equipment etc.


I've even surived hunter killer's most of the time, and if you are on the outside of let's say a lightning strike, you can survive.

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    I use Flak Jacket all the time.. It's not that good. I can sponge frags yea, but C4 gets me in one go, as does Lightning Strikes and Hunter Killers. War machine is three grenades though.

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      you can survive lightning strikes, i been there myself, but like he says you need to be at the outer side of the explosion, offcourse you won't survive a near direct impact from them


      and hunter killers are exactly the same, everything for that matter, offcourse it won't save you from some things if you're almost on top of it/it lands almost on top of you

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    I generally use it with objective classes with Tactical Mask. It's not perfect, but Ghost does nothing for you when you're hovering around a hardpoint and stuns and nades are flying in. Alot of headless chickens won't expect you to be ADS on them when they rush in.

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    Flack jacket is a bit weird.

    You can die from a hunter killer but survive an rpg in the face (direct impact)

    It's a good perk but not always reliable.

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    I run it on all my smg and shotgun classes.  Run lightweight, flat jacket, scavengar, dexterity,  and tac mask.

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    I use flak jacket a lot as well. Since my main game mode is domination in even used a perm unlock on it even though its unlocked at 33. Its just that useful in dom games.  When trying to cap B flag you can expect a barrage of enemy nades landing near you and flak is the only thing that will keep you alive long enough to get the cap.

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      Sometimes it's preferable to unlock something that's not at the very high end of unlocks.  I unlocked Flak Jacket for my third perma unlock token.  And it has been worth it as I sometimes play Demoltion and Headquarters.  Helps me get a few capture kills with my LMG and then I'm near a VSAT.

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    Flak jacket is a true life saver but it has some very wierd properties to it. You can literally sit ontop of a frag grenade and not die but if you try to rethrow it and it explodes in your hand you are dead. I don't get that. Also flak jacket alone will let you survive a RPG hit, yet if you have assault shield on it will kill you if direct impact. That makes absolutely no sense to me. If anything assault shield + flak jacket should be dam near no damage at all from RPG, but it doesn't work like that.

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    Flak Jacket is definitely a necessity in objective games (if you play the objective) but it is really inconsistent. There have been times where I can multiple explosive hits and not die. Then there are times where I'm full health and die by a single C4. And for whatever reason, I've never died by an RC car with Flak Jacket if the person controlling it detonates it. But if I shoot it myself, it will kill me from a distance.

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    I  have two objective classes both with flak jacket as the spamming of nades and such required it for protection. Another solution is to equip  trophy systems for Dom and engineer to stay away from claymores/ betties. I find the trophy systems are better in Dom and even can on the rare occasion get you through a hell storm strike.

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    flack jacket could use more beefing up i have got hit with hunter drones claymores rpgs flash bangs and died when i shouldn't have 90% of the time flack jacket dont counter hunterdrones, everythingthing is this game is post to have a counter..

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    I usually use it in small maps but haven't in a while. Flak jacket is the best in smaller maps where there are constant frags, grenades being thrown out. I especially hate the shock charges too, does anyone know if the flak jacket helps with running away from it any faster? That's why I use the shock charges, I also throw them against my bouncing Betty's = extra boom lol

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    Its a great core perk for objective games, and Nuketown. Its not nearly as useful in HC because the health doesn't regen and you just don't see the explosives in HC as much. Yeah it will stop the occasional tuber or rocket, but BlindEye is better in HC.

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    yeah it's a very good perk


    i don't know about ya'll but i have perk 1  Wildcard in almost all my classes


    light weight,  flak j  , and hardline are 3 of my favorites .  i need those boys !!!

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    I have Flak Jacket on most of my classes. Can't live without the perk especially with the explosive spam that occurs in the game.


    I normally combine it with Tactical Mask as I find it an effective loadout for objective game modes.

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    I was amazed how quickly I unlocked the flak jacket emblem for surviving 100 explosions that would have otherwise killed me. It saves me about two deaths per match mainly from bouncing betties as I rush campers in GW and TDM.