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emp nade vs hunter killer

Probably old news but i laughed when i found out emp nades can destroy them whilst flying. I find it only tends to work if you get the emp nade to land roughly underneath where the hunter killer is flying

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    totally did this the other day.  I thought i was just throwing up a random in the general direction of the fray and all of a sudden it gave me points for destroying a Hunter Killer Drone.  pretty sweet.  In hindsight, I should have gone back and checked the theater to see how it happened but whatever.


    on another silly note, I just realized by using Elite that I have 14 kills with EMP grenades.  How??? 

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    I've knowingly killed players with EMPs haha, also I didn't know you could kill hunter killers with them, since they only blow when they hit the ground so I never thought about it haha

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    I've gotten at least 3 hk kills with emp grenades. I just assumed it was hitting near the player as he was getting ready to throw it or just as they released it.

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    I had funny WTF moment the other day, playing slums and threw an EMP towards the blue building, popped up with the medal for destroying a HC and the feed said an enemy had made a mistake.


    Checked back in theatre and it turned out I'd thrown it at the exact second he launched it and it blew up in his face.

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    apparently if you throw an emp at just the right time and place you can stop an enemy hellstorm missile!!!  Also seen a clip of someone sniping a hellstorm out of the sky.

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      Haven't gotten it to work for me, but seen it in action before. I love my EMP grenades. Have taken out Dragonfires, RCXDs, and everything else, don't see why they shouldn't work on HKs.

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      I have only done it four times, and I throw an EMP every time one is called in. Usually try to lob one on a roof for other killstreaks. You know they have to be think WTF just happened? Domination, if you see the circles on the mini map chuck one at B. It is probably where they are gonna drop it. And it takes a sec for the EMP to sail and detonate. Love it when it never says that one is inbound or it delays until you can almost read the serial number.

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    You can also destroy hellstorm missles with EMP nades, i've gotten 4 medals from doing it.

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    I think the name of the medal you get is "rejected" . I have a few Hk Kills with the emp and if you time it right , can take one out before it kills you, Hear the beeping, Emp yourself. By far the best peice of tac equip you can carry. Emp assit points, Points for taking out equipment and other scorstreaks. Also netted a few kills with the emp, they need to be  below half life tho before its kills them. I run uav , hkd and care packeage. Ive gotten all my streaks just by emping alone, Helps alot when you run Scav or if the other team is constantly throwing out bettys,charges,claymore. or if they are running sentry gun, or guardian. Trophy Systems dont stand a chance against them if you throw it near them. Dosent even have to be in the same room to destroy them either, just close by. Awesome piece of Tac Equip.