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    i have a friend who suffers from lag comp syndrome. He claims "lag comp this.....lag comp that..." all day everyday, and i'm like "Dude, YOU'RE NOT EVEN HOST!!!"  Although the things listed above has happened to me, i believe a lot of players suffer from similar syndromes...

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    Agreed. There are people with legit problems but 90% of the complaints are bs. They cry lag when they do really good and next match suck. I went 24-4 then 7-12 right after in tdm. Was it lag? No i just had a bad game and played like #&$4!

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    - TopFighter

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    I've been on these boards since the waning days of CoD 4. And BO2 has the most lag,  is the most inconsistent,  has the worst maps of all these games in the last 6 years.

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    I'm glad you can add 3 attachments and 2 perks. They got that right and I bet that's one thing everyone can say they done right..

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    Use Cold Blooded if you hate the Target Finder that much.  MW3 (and MW2 for that matter) had plenty of noob catering matters in the game.

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    All the time Activision are pushing for a new Cod every year its just going to get worse.


    The customer is expecting more yet the devs still only have the same amount of time to produce the game.


    They should release one decent game (Like Cod4 & BO1) and then spend the next year or two tweaking, fixing updating and releasing maps for it.  Imagine how good COD4 could be now if IW had continued to support and update it?  (Like the modding community has done with the PC version - still very popular and an amazing game)


    I would spend more money if they had kept updating COD4 & BO1 and releasing stuff for them.


    All recent incarnations of COD have been poor.


    I got bored of BO2 almost straight away, far too many problems and far too inconsistent.


    How can I play 4 games with the same people in the same lobby and each game play so differently?

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    Two separate companies work on the games so it's like they have 2 years to make it. Most complaints are bs though, like spoiled little rich kids begging their daddy for a pony. Some ppl have legit issues but let's be honest, core feels broken cause the game is faster and the bullets required to kill are the same. Ppl say HC masks the issue, uh no, HC solves the issue. I'm not hating on core but most issues stem from the 70% more health yoh have. Why do so many HC players enjoy the game? We all get lag but if it's really bad for you then it's your internet or tv settings more than likely.

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    they have about a year not 2 years to dev the game dlc takes up dev time to earn more dollars.

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    I'm sure you know their schedule. They should ditch the campaign and stick to multiplayer.