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Is your connection really good?

So since release i have had problems with BLOPS 2... until today.


I was one of the multitude of people complaining about lag compensation, about people turning around and shooting me when i had the drop on them by at least half a second and although this is not completely gone, it is MOSTLY gone.


How did i manage this? No tricks, no messing with my connection or QoS silliness. It was actually down to my connection dropping packets, something i did not even notice. I was dropping around 2% of my packets, doesn't sound like much, but it's critical in games that put so much stock on ping.


I found my problem quite by accident and like most of you i had been using pingtest.net, and speedtest.net and getting fantastic results. The problem with these websites is that the sample they use to measure your connection is tiny...


I started a ping -t to google's DNS one night whilst i played and noticed whenever i lagged my connection had dropped a packet so i started a test.


Using http://www.thinkbroadband.com/ping


This website allows you to setup a ping test that runs constantly to your router. It's completely free, try it and see how stable your connection REALLY is.


You may have to log onto your router and enable ping reply, ICMP reply it might be called.


Good luck and please post your results, if nothing else it will prove your connection is good!

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    What did you have to do to stop your packet loss? Contact ISP?

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    Or you could test it with the prog called DNSBench, it works real good and it´s of course free too!

    To avoid packet loss you must contact your internet provider, he must check the connection and if you bought a package combined with a router, the provider must offer you replacement hardware!

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    I dealt with the lag comp, sync delay, sun spots, whatever-you-wanna-call it for ~2 months until the patch right before the DLC was released.

    After that, life was good - i shot people, they dropped.

    I actually had some decent and fun gunfights.

    Unfortunately, by then I'd pretty much burned out on the game.

    Picked it back up this weekend to finish my last prestige level - had fun, didn't notice any major problems like others memtioned due to the double-xp.

    Tonight, it's like deva-frickin-vu all over again.

    Back to pumping dozens of bullets into people with little effect.


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      DUDE!!!! Agree 100%!!!!! Same exact thing!!!! Literally the SAME WAY SAME THING!!! I had horrendous games pre DLC, then post DLC, it actually felt good (exp after 7pm then it was hit or miss but still better then pre DLC). I was winning 1v1s, running & moving like i actually was using lightweight. During the double xp i earned all demo cards except 'top 3 finishes, i only needed 4 more top 3 finishes so i thought i could get them today..then BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!! Back to running in mud, horrible hit detection, aim resist, marshmellow bullets, seemingly seconds behind (yes maccabi...seconds behind)....blah blah. Damn shame.

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        0 packet loss and lose one v ones same as release

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        Better experience after DLC being released?  Same as me.  It was the similar for me in MW3 too.  A disincentive to buy soon after the release date I see.


        My main issue is the game has opted to make me host and my phone line upload speed is 0.3Mb/s.  I'm not sure that's enough to give everyone in the lobby a lag free experience.  I've gone back to using cable and it appears I'm better off that way.

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    So the only way to fix this is to call your ISP? What do you tell them to do? In my experience most of the time you get retarded cookier cutter answers or someone who has no idea what they're talking about? Is there something specific you can tell them to do in order to improve this?


    I'll run the test later, but I'm in the same boat as most others. Some days I can destroy people consistently and all is well, and other days it feels hopeless and unfair. I'm on a Linksys 4200v2 router, Motorola SB6141 modem, Cox Premier Plan.

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    Only for europe.

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    its the game yes your right about packet loss but mine not to bad and for me its out of sync insta deaths shot around corners




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    anyone have problems with xplornet or huhges? i ddo i need help