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Devil'sLastCall Clan is currently recruiting!

Hey everyone, my clan Devil'sLastCall (DLC) is currently recruiting! Link to Clan page at bottom!

1. You must have at lease a 1.00 KD ratio

2. Must have a 0.50 Win ratio or better

3. You MUST have a mic

4. Must get along with team mates/other players

5. Respect other team mates

6. No trash talking!

7. Must be over 16 years old


Now for the recruiting proccess you might have to try out for the team, depending on your ratios.

Contact Gator1739, either message him on PNS. Or email him at Rashid1739@outlook.com!

Note: make the subject of the email (DLC Clan)

Put your psn name in the email, and why you feel you have what it takes to be apart of the Devil'sLastCall (DLC)

The one main thing about the clan is we normaly only play MW3!



Thanks everyone, and good luck!