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Bruhaha in d house

What's up peeps, been playing for a while, max prestige and diamond camo on smg and assault. Got bored and found this forum.  :)

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    Hey Bru, welcome to the forums. Currently working on diamond assaults but it's a long process. Only have AN-94, Swat-556, and M8A1 gold so far. Not looking forward to the SMR at all.

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      Its a great challenge for sure to get the assault rifles diamond, and whats up bruuuhhhh

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      Thank you! Yes it's a pain to get gold on all weapons! I got the smg's first and it was a bit easier to get all gold. The assaults was a different story, :( I almost gave up. It came a time that playing it was not fun anymore but just for the sake of getting all of he gold weapons to get the diamond camo. It was so painful that I'm not planning of getting it on shotty and handguns anymore.