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bloodthirstys not counting


as per title bloodthirsts not counting

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    You can get a blood thirsty in many ways/ combinations. I couldn't figure out why I was having thae same issue early on in my game. I was getting 3 weapon kills, a betty kill, and a exploading vehicle kill. I " think" that if you get an alternate kill any time in the streak it throws it off. In a perfect situation of you got 7 kills in a row 5 with weapon an 2 other it would count. But we all know how that works.... For me I just use the weapon and refrain from any other equipment until I get it.

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    I would also run nonlethal scorestreaks. Also keep in mind if you play anything that has rounds such as dom, dem S&D, bloodthirsty do  not count if you get it  over two rounds even if you get the medal. All 5 kills have to be in a single round.

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    yeah it isnt working for me as welll

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    Mine are working fine, I know because I am currently working on getting Bloodthirsty's with my Tac 45 pistol.


    Remember, you only get them for 5 kills with the weapon in question. If you get 10 kills its a Merciless, 15 is Ruthless.... so on.

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    I am not sure for everyone, but for my bloodthirsty recorder it is very clear cut. 5 kills only from that weapon. Now the Triple kill for the RPG did work with two quick gun kills and a rocket kill. Car kills do work as long as I shoot that car with the weapon intended.


    EDIT: noone can help shoot the car either, or it don't count as the pure-your-weapon didn't blow it up. The car kills you have to get from crossbow, and rockets works the same way.


    I hear a lot about these bloodthirsty glitches, and tried every single one them. They do not work for everyone. Here's a list of things I've tried, and failed to get a bloodthirsty.

    1: 1 knife with weapon intended equipped( KWIE), and the rest with the shots from the weapon intended.

    2: 2 KWIE, and 3 shot from weapon Intended

    3: 3 KWIE, and 2 shot from weapon intended

    4: 4 KWIE, and 1 shot from weapon intended

    5: 1 BB(boucing betty) kills, 4 shot from weapon intended

    6: 1 claymore kill, 4 shot from weapon intended

    7: 1 Kill from hitting someone with a flash grenade, then killing the last four kills with the weapon intended(this one sucked)

    8: 2 BB kills, 3 shot from weapon intended

    Tried all these, and they don't work for me. Other combination prolly still wont work. Prolly will work for others on other systems for consoles. But mine seems to be to the book, and other as well.

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    Yeah, strange happened to me to with the Peacekeeper. Got 2 in one game and the medal did not pop up at all. It was definetly 5 kills using ONLY my peacekeeper.


    Found a new lobby and it worked fine now. Kinda annoyed though because I find it difficult to get bloodthirstys as it is.

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    If you are playing round based game types then you will have to get all five kills within a round.