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Sorry, HC Games Modes Again.


I know there's been a lot of discussion around this.


The problem is Treyarch claim that there can only be 4 HC game modes.


Currently we have TDM, Hide & Seek, KC and CTF.


In order of popularity (going by numbers playing) they go


1) TDM

2) KC

3) Search

4) CTF


I think I've seen somewhere that a mosh pit has been ruled out, so what I suggest is using slot 4 to rotate objective game modes, maybe on a fortnightly basis (a month is a long time in the lifespan of the game).


I'd love to play Hard Point and Domination, hell I'd give anything a go, I love KC but it's getting boring now.


The HC community seems to make up roughly a quarter of players based in how many are in the playlist from what I've seen, surely that's enough to warrant some attention from Treyarch. Some loyal CTF players may complain, but they have the lowest player count and it would be nice to think of the wider HC community.



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    I hit Master Prestige over a month ago so I play HC objectives in custom games now on veteran settings since I don't have to worry about xp anymore. I played core for over a week just to compare the two and still find it inconsistent. To tell you the truth CoD is kinda burning me out, I hope Respawn and Bungie breathe new life into shooters cause CoD's lack of options for the HC community is making this game stale, still a great game, but stale. Same thing happened to Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero, those games were untouchable but eventually fell off the face of the earth.

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    Completely agree.  I mean, Treyarch  said during Black Ops 1 that Domination is the most popular mode after TDM - so why in the world is there no Hardcore Domination?  Even if there can't be a rotation, I certainly think Dom is a better choice than CTF, which regularly has under 10% of the HC community playing it despite being the only objective-style game other than S&D, which is purely a niche mode.


    Hardcore players seem to have to beg for action oriented games from Treyarch, which is sad.  They really should take a hint from IW both in Hardcore rules as well as modes available.

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    Would really like it if they did this, playing different modes in HC would be heaps better. I play a lot of KC and sometimes play SnD. Wouldn't mind playing HC DOM, HC Hardpoint or HC Demolition. Even If they shift between all the game modes and after they have used all the modes, put the most popular made there to stay then after awhile do it again with the least popular mode?

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    I have almost quit playing CTF. Too many times I have sprinted my happy butt through the chaos grabbed their flag gotten just out of lunging distance from our flag to be TK so junior could grab the flag and get his points. Search is Ok with a party but I dread it with randoms. KC my most played game type, is getting old. If I am in the mood to get shot at by both teams, get a quad feed and have my teamate crawl out from under a bush to grab my tags well it KC all the way. I will even put up with the guy deliberatly sticking me with shock charges over and over. I usually play a support role, put tags on the field, and spot for the guys who do the olympic sprint like their button is stuck. A good team usually consist of a good clean up crew. It is also the place for Engineer and emp's. Tac Insert confirmed. Never spawn without something to take down a UAV and so on. TDM is my fallback for weapon ach. I almost always knock out those pesky bloodthirstys and head shots in only a few games. However the game always seems to end so quickly. Can't count how many times I have had a near perfect game and barely got to call in my second score streak. I would enjoy TDM if the time limit or score to win was a little higher. Was messing around in custom games and found were you could change hardcore settings to a riochet or share damage style. We can all dream. I have always been a Hardcore player, but when I first started playing this game I felt COMPELLED to play core. Almost traded the game back in, Just like Blops 1. Made myself play hardcore, strange for a completely hardcore biased player huh? I still take spells were I just need to go play core but after one or two games of embarrasing myself, i go back to HC and try to repair the brain damage I felt COMPELLED to self inflict.

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      yeah thats my one problem with hctdm, i've lost count of the amount of times i've been about to use streaks and the game has finished just as i hit the button.

      as far as shared damage goes i think it would be a nice change tbh.... i absolutely despise ricochet because of the trolls who trap their own teammates in corners until they kill themselves trying to get out (especially on s&d), i dont mind teamkills as much except for dumb teammates running infront of me when i'm already firing, then revenge-teamkilling me because they are stupid enough to think i did it on purpose.

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        HC also really limits what scorestreaks and equipment you can use. I have saved footage of my team mates standing in front of my sentry and knifeing it. Boom team kill. Get a warthog and all of the people who were camping inside run out in the open. People will shoot at every rcxd and chopper no matter what. Care packages.... that discussion has been done. Team flash bangs, emp's. Destroying betties and claymores. Then there is that player who feels the need to troll you after his actions resulted in his own death or you are the only person he can find on the map. But despite all this I would gladly play hardcore vs the alternative. Only half complaining, for you see situational awarness and strategy works latterally and across many different directions. If I know that I have that "special little guy" on my team, then it is my duty to help save him from himself. I say guy because have not found a gal on here yet that is completely oblivious or suicidal.

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    should be



    1) TDM

    2) KC

    3) Dom

    4) Moshpit (search , demo , hardpoint , ctf)

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    Treyarch should simply take slots away from softcore rather than chop and change the HC playlists.


    For me HC TDM is the most useless gametype - everyone camps turning it into a yawn-fest.







    p.s. S&D is not a 'niche' gametype!!! That's one of the dumbest comments I've seen on these forums in a very long time - and I've seen many, many, many...etc...many dumb comments.

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      HC TDM is my game of choice.  Guess we differ on that.  But as for campers in it I see very few.  What I am finding is the campers I see are the guys that play core all the time and come over to level up guns.  People that there stats show they about only play HC seem to run around a lot.

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    They can't take away HC CTF since they already took it out of Black Ops 1 and MW3. The people who regularly play it would have nothing to play and then they wouldn't buy the map packs.


    They should only have a few softcore modes and have more HC playlists.