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  • 20. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

    all the people I listed except themarkofj have higher WLR's then KDR's. LOL seems like everone posting wants to give every excuse in the book to why they dont have a 4.0 and why the people listed have thiers.

  • 21. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

    really, how do you get to choose your opponents? Because I have no control of who shows up in my lobbies and who decides to stay and play my team.

  • 22. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

    Maybe use a weapon other than the FAL?


    You have 1 kill with your Five-Seven.  Maybe do some of the challenges?


    Maybe play something other than Dom?

  • 23. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

    Call these guys all you want but their wl alone suggests they don't dash. If you just join a reverse booster then shame on you, if not well played! I don't have a clue how you can maintain a 4 kd in this CoD with how inconsistant the game is with messed up match making and doggy lag compesation. I guess you're just some of the lucky ones that manage to get a decent connection 90%+ of the time!

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    All I do is win.  But there is a certain point that winning is just not as rewarding as it used to be.  I rather lose against good players than win against bad players anyday.

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    THIS ^


    The OP looks legit and he have an excellent KD, decent SPM and an 87% WL ratio.


    My bet is he rolls with a full party most of the time.


    @OP: what's the secret sauce? Scuff? Lag Buster? GL2450HM? Counter Measure?

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    I don't avoid them.  LOL.  I don't lobby hop and pubstomp.  I play League Play.  It isn't that hard to find good players.

  • 27. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

    I do have over 1000 kills with like 13 guns and over 500 kills with 18 guns. And my clan plays dom on GB so we tend to play it about 80% of the time. So what else can I do to challenge myself because your suggestions are not very helpful.


    Anyway, I play this game for fun overall. It comes easy to me. What can I say.

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    I agree. But when you do beat those great teams, its all the more rewarding. I remember I lost to a really good team 3 games in a row and then we finally beat them in the 4th game. Most rewarding and satisfying win I ever had. It was a rare occurance and will probubly never happen again.

  • 29. Re: 4.0 KDR Club

    Who's the other team? Optic? Complexity?

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