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Whats your worst moment ?


This morning i was playing Domination on standoff Got my orbital Vsat 1 kill away from dogs saw the guy coming and got killed because i scratched my head lol. Whats your worst moment?????

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    My worst moments are whenever I get featured getting killed in the Final Killcam

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    Similar... a few days ago I was about to get my Lodestar and my controller lost it's connection. I was shot in the head while standing there oblivious about 2 seconds later.

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    I effing panic knife every game.  If I can only disable that d*mn button!!!  In hardcore, knifing is pretty much obsolete, so I really dont need it.  Anyway...I panic knife all the time because I'm a little jerky.  I die probably once every other game because of it.  I bet my KTD would go up quite a bit if i could just stop doing it.  lol. the guy on the other end has to be laughing when he killed me.  Sometimes I come around the corner, get the drop on the guy, fire a shot, miss by an inch, panic knife stops me from shooting, guy turns around and shoots the idiot who just missed him. Hahahahaha! It's so embarrasing.  I look like a NOOB.  I still have a decent KTD though(1.62), but would imagoine that would be much higher if I can just stop panicking!!!!

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    Playing someone in the 808, lag fest..

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    I can relate to alot of these - especially getting killed on the last cam. Even worse when it's a sniper who killed you but he took 5 shots to take you out .


    BUT - the worst thing for me is when I (too frequently) accidentally press the Xbox button when I go to press Back to check the scores... The menu obviously dims the screen and takes you out of the game then takes ages to load up then by the time it closes after I hammer B, I've been killed .

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    Pretty much every minute of every game. Drinking helps.

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    I told everyone that I done my first trickshot, but It was actually the grenade that killed him! Exactly the time that I shot!

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    Spending hours trying to complete bloodthirsty challenge for crossbow. I finally got to 4 kills in a row and was lining up my 5th when host dashboarded.

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    the many times where i throw c4 and it bounces off my team mate because he clips past me at the exact time i throw it and i end up killing myself.


    or when i throw c4 and it clips on the very edge of something and gets stuck there and i kill myself

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    Worst moment- Starting a match 1-8.


    Best moment- Finishing that same match 24-10.

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    I get killed when i reach for my spitter sometimes which is a little annoying. The most frustrating thing is shooting someone dead on while ADS but dying to a wild hipfire. I cannot understand why this happens and it causes me quite a bit of rage. I usually quit out of matches when this happens more than once in a row.

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    VSAT is up, dogs are out, just about to get swarm and a badly judged C4 throw that sticks to a widow ledge ends my run.

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    Getting killed while you're checking your score is the epitome of being caught with your pants down.


    Either that, or being a bit too eager when you encounter someone at CQ and end up trying to knife them from 10 feet away instead of bringing your gun to bear.

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    Trying to turn too fast when getting shot and end up knifing nothing. So when the kill can comes up it looks like he's shooting a retard

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    Doing great almost reaching my VSAT.


    A single guy is shooting me, I run around the corner waiting for him. Stare down the corner for 4 hours straight then realise the enemy is not coming. Run away and get knifed in the back by that guy who just turned around a second after I stopped watching the corner...


    It's so stupid.. and it happens to me all the time

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    When I realize I'm HOST.......

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    good question bro..i have a few worst moments like the time time i was playing S+D the other day..it was 3-3 and i was the last man standing..all the other team were dead and i was rushing to defuse the bomb and i fell down the ravine..fail..lol Also in the same game i planted the bomb as last man standing and fell for the old trick where the enemy was prone behind me so i ran to a a safe place and he simply laid there and defused the bomb..not my best game..lol

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    For me, it is when I lay down a bouncing betty just when the enemy crosses in front of me and quickly trips it and gets away while I die...


    I hate when that happens...

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      I second that!




      I also hate it when ur team mates run with you not knowing where to look and gets you killed. Ugh!

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      This mainly happens to me with claymores. Betties I normally just toss or can duck when I see the enemy.


      Also, running behind a teammate and he stops in a door and blocks us both in, normally in that fraction of a second some enemy racks up a double kill because of it.


      Teammate is so busy shooting at the person I am shooting at he gets flanked and we both get shot in the back.


      Also teammates just firing off their weapons for no reason, makes you turn to check for enemy and then you realize the guy is just an idiot but you get shot in the back as you looked.


      LOL I think I need better teammates.


      Dying with 1ms left on a flag cap lol. Soooo annoying.

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        Ah was waiting for a thread like this to pop up as we all have probably gone insane with rage while playing black ops 2.


        One that sticks out in my mind recently was a FFA game where i sent my care package in and checked the radar when my uav was up, all looked clear in the part of the map i was in and started to claim a very rare swarm care package.


        Three quarters of the way to picking it up some *&^%%$d shoots us and nicks the care package and gets six or seven kills with it using the swarm scorestreak via the care package. The language that came out my mouth was nothing short of shocking haha but then i dont tend to use a mic..good job really

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    My worst is a 2 for one. Getting blown up by a claymore that I see a good 10 feet away, then to be knifed in the back after someone runs thru my claymore. Yeah....I don't trust shock charges or BB's cuz people can shoot them, so can Claymores, but if you dont got engineer which a lot of people don't use. You don't see the red block lit up behind the wall. I can see getting "CLOSE" but when im far enough away that I can step backwards, its not motion detected! And if you were to run past it, it blows up on contact, I think some people have hacks where its a delayed explosion. Happens more than normal, so "Lag" is out of the question

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    Just 30 minutes ago on Raid HC KC - I'm running towards the garage cutting through the room with the art, I kill 3 enemies, in the room, hit a fourth just outside the door, and they're spawning in the garage, but I had to reload. I could've gotten 6-7+ had I not needed to reload right there. =(