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  • 50. Re: LMGs need a buff??

    lol sometimes tbh.  Not sure if you're trying to convert any of us though.


    On Hijacked when I used the QBB LSW I put rapid fire on it just to make sure people will drop when they should but I don't really like enjoy using an LMG in 'modified' roles.  It just doesn't feel 'right'.  When I used Quickdraw on the MSR in MW3 I felt the same. :/

  • 51. Re: LMGs need a buff??

    SitRepPro wrote:


    Sniper rifle accuracy?  Explain that one to me.  I'm interested.

    First bullet may be.

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    All I want is a Fast Mags attachment for the LMGs. That's the only thing I can see it needs. I've never had a problem grinding people up with LMGs in this game.

  • 53. Re: LMGs need a buff??

    As a die-hard LMG user I honestly say they do not need any buff (although any would be welcome but that would push them towards OP) they already have many good points(damage, range, wall penetration, recoil, Mag size), the only bad ones are the mobility and handeling, if used correctly all LMGs are deverstateing.

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    LMGs are good the way they are.  If they buff them they could become the easiest weapons to use in the game.  I am already averaging a 2.5 K/D with them, which makes them some of my best K/D weapons.

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