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Strange hitpicture in Black Ops 2??

I dont know if its just this game or any game on Xbox360 but I think the hitpicture of the bullets on the bodys is very strange. Is seems like even if you dont hit the body of a guy there is still damage or death. Is there anyone out there who know more about this thing or better yeat knows a link where you can see the hitpicture the builders of the game have. I have thought about it a lot and even in other games. I think its very strange. Has it to do with autoaim or something like that? I never use autoaim.

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    If you're thinking the "hitbox" is off, then it's probably lag related. What you think is a miss, is really a direct hit.


    If you're really interested, then you can research 3D collision detection using bounding boxes. Or, just image search for bounding boxes. They're usually something like this.


    Also, auto-aim has it's misconceptions as well. All that it really does, is lower your sensitivity while your cursor/reticle is near an enemy. It doesn't actually move your aim at all.



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    So what do you guys use to play the FPS games on the 360? Do you use the controller or mouse?