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So i recently discovered the LSAT

and it is probably the best gun in the game that gets overlooked by many many people. at least to me it is. with FMJ this gun shoots through EVERYTHING. demolition on hijacked, when we're defending and pushed back to B bomb in the workout room and being spawn trapped, was able to keep them from winning just by shooting through the walls on the deck, walls of the workout room, and through the bomb to kill whoever tried to plant the bomb.


plus, rapid fire turns this gun into a mini-death machine. (ok not quite but you get the idea lol)


wallbanging with this gun is so easy, and with a foregrip the recoil is controllable enough in bursts to hold down an entire area of a map at any distance.

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    Foregrip only increases centrespeed by 2%.  The blue cartridges are nice though.  Something different.

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    LSAT is the one of the best guns in the game.  A lot of people run around with SMGs so they will hate on you for it, but you can get some nasty kill feeds and scores with it.


    I thought LMGs were garbage until I started working on diamond camo for them.  I had to adapt, but they are awesome once you learn the right places to be to use em.

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    Just 38 more headshots and the camo challenges for the M8a1, and the AN-94 to gold, and I'll be picking up LMGs. I like what I've seen from them the few times I tried em out. The LSAT is deffo the pick of the bunch, ergo I'll probably save it til last

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      it looks really good gold too


      well i guess the foregrip has been having a placebo effect on me then lol


      but yes so many times have i lit up a killfeed with just the LSAT.. i've never counted, nor looked up its stats, but i swear it feels like a 2 shot kill in core at any distance.


      i swear though, most of my headshots with this weapon come from shooting through walls after i forced someone in their precious window to take cover. shoot them once, they get down, spray wall, kill.

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    I think that the MK48 and the LSW are the best out of the LMG's, and this is coming from someone who had them Diamond in about a month and a half. I've played with them all extensively, and I'd even venture to say that the MK48 is the best all around. The LSAT's only strength is camping with Variable Zoom (imo).


    To each his own, though


    - Younique

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      i've seen many people say good things about the mk48... might have to try it out. i dont *like* to camp with the lmg's, but so you get so many kills doing it that its actually... fun.


      to the random person reading this: dont believe me.... then play demolition on standoff, and when you're the attackers, get in your spawn building instantly, proceed to sniper window, and overwatch A. and when you defend, get in the building over B, head upstairs, and watch the main road.


      i prefer a quicker pace to my gameplay, but i really like getting a lot of kills AND having a major impact on the outcome of the game. being able to shoot through the bombsites to kill attackers/defusers and shutting down major thoroughfares of the maps make the LSAT, and probably all the LMG's, the beauties of demolition to me.


      put EMP's on your LMG class and the FHJ, and between the destruction of equipment and EMP assists and shooting down scorestreaks, plus all the "killed attacker" "killed defender" "killed defuser" "killed planter" and the occasional defuse if the enemy gets through, you'll have a wet dream at your score.

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      id have to disagree with you  i have them all diamond as well for 2 months, mk 48 is very accurate and has high damage, but crap for fire rate, and the QBB is good to be used more like an AR but is hit or miss at mid range.. IMO the LSAT is the best LMG, though it is not the best at anything , it also isnt bad for anything

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        I'd have to disagree with you too.  The MK48 is the best LMG.


        The good thing with this class is that people are quite mixed for their choice LMG and that will add variety in-game rather than following the trend in other gun categories.

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    The LSAT is my main gun.

    I run and gun with it.

    i defend with it.

    I Spray and pray with it.

    i head glitch with it

    i use a target finder and big ammo with it


    Bottom line with the lsat is this. There is enough ammo in the clip that you will eventually kill that person in front of you

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    LSAT is the one.

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    Try the MK46 with fore grip with suppressor or target finder if you can.  Phenomenal once you get used to it

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    For a traditional lmg user, the mk48 will be the best hands down. For people who just like having fun and still run and gun a bit, the lsat is the better choice. Im a vivid lmg user, so for me the mk48 is the best, but i can understand why some people might like the lsat. It fires faster and for some reason feels lighter and easier to maneuver compared to the mk48

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      In the past cods the legs where a novelty. No one used them, though in black ops 2 theyve become very popular, due to low recoil and the target finder attachment, I got my first nuclear using mk48 with variable zoom, QuickDraw and fore grip try that, you'll be unstoppable if u position ur self good