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Diamond Pistol Tips?

I have gotten SMGs and Snipers diamond. Along with a gold KSG, Remington (R-8700 I think), and Ballistic Knife.


Currently I am working the pistols in order.


Five Seven - Blue Tiger

Tac-45 - Devgru

Executioner - None

B23R - Choco

Kap 40 - Devgru


Any class tips?


I run:


Five Seven - Extended Clip

Ghost and Flak Jacket

Fast Hands

Engineer or Extreme Conditioning and Tactical Mask

C4 or Combat Axe depending on objective or not.

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    Play HCKC, you should be able to easily get 7-10 headshots per game. My mate got 14 in one game with the Executioner once.

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      I'll try, but I'm more of a guy who gets headshots from flinching which is near impossible in HC.


      Thank you though.

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        Let's see, I've got a gold Tac .45 and am grinding through the B23R (so annoying) and am on 76 headshots with the Five Seven, so just about to get Kryptic Typhon.


        I would run extended mags on the B23R when you start using it, because it chews through ammunition like crazy, while the Five Seven has the largest magazine of any pistol, so doesn't really need it.


        My pistol class set up is:


        1. Ghost + Lightweight

        2. Scavenger

        3. Dexterity


        Lethal: Grenade (greater blast radius than Semtex)

        Tactical: Concussion


        Perk 1 Greed


        Secondary: Pistol + either Long Barrel and/or FMJ.

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    I did all pistols except the executioner a long time ago. Every pistol so far had been very easy. The executioner was a battle I wasn't willing to do for about 2 months. I hated it because of so many reasons.


    short range

    low damage

    small clip

    long reload time


    However, over the last two nights I have 1 blood thirsty to go and I'm done. I changed everything about how I play and made this class setup


    ghost / lighweight


    dead silence / awareness


    long barrel attachment & 1 shock charge OR concussion


    I basically bated and used my shock charge to guard doorways / rooms or if I was watching the other side / door I used it as a warning device. The concussion I used to chase people down and catch them.


    The hardest part at first was figuring out how to run around on the map and get in close to people. I can't tell you how many times I saw an enemy and just had to run away. The other tough thing was finding places on maps that I could lock down with a semi-high traffic rate.


    Not the most fun weapon to diamond but the remarks you get from people with the executioner makes it worth it.

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    Dexterity. Maps like hijacked even with the quick draw time of the pistols it is so much easier with dexterity on. You get the jimp in 90+% of your gunfights then its just be accurate.