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Why don't they just make a lobby just for snipers to play in because right now I can't even get a normal game of domination

everybody wants to fing snip

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    I wish I was in that lobby. Makes it easier for me to snipe.

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    I think you're talking about quickscopers, only Dom match I see actual sniping is always on Turbine, Raid or Drone.

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    Yeah god forbid people try guns other than silenced SMGs, auto FALs, and the R870, right?

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    Go back to your op smgs and shot guns that don't require skill, unlike sniper rifles do.

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      Hey, to be fair, sniping in this game does require lots of skill, but that doesn't mean the other weapons don't. What about an SMG vs an SMG? Who has more skill then? Someone will end up winning, usually thanks to lag. Snipers just have a hard time getting range. Why are they even in the game? Well, let's just use the word nostalgia.

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    They are just taking advantage of the double weapon exp. Snipers are a pain in the ass to lvl up. That why so many people are using them right now.