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£42 vs £32 DLC

I follow your Twitter accounts, because that is what the official Call of Duty site suggests I do


And im following a particular conversation that seems to suggest the ps3 gamers are paying £10 more for the season pass than our xbox equivalents are.


Please could someone of authority explain why this would be so and indeed if it is correct


Many thanks



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    Thank you someone who finally gets it.  But you won't get no response here bestt bet is to ask them on twitter.

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    I'd assume its something to do with this "Contract" they'll have with Microsoft, basically like the DLC deal they'll have thrown so much money at them.


    Lastly, Sony can't do this because they don't have deep enough pockets as the big giant Microsoft.

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      This, according to English law, is not allowed to happen


      A price for a tin of beans is the price......you cannot inflate the price to....for example;  £1 more to a Chinese person


      Which is what it appears Treyarch are doing to the ps3 community

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        I think there is something about international trading standards that might state otherwise as I think Trayarch are abiding by them, they do not need to abide by the laws of one country, since the product they are selling is international,


        I would assure you that whatever they've done its legal because if it was illegal and they were caught they'd face major legal prosecutions and it would be bad rep for both companies.

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          well, when you can replace the word Think,  with I Know, feel free to contribute more to this thread


          But thank you for your input

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            Your logic is not quite correct I am afraid.


            English law does suggest that you should not discriminate for the same product true, but it does not extend to price fixing (which is to say that different retailers can set their own price, so long as it is the same price for all).


            That said, there can be no doubt that the product is sufficiently different between the platforms (in that each version must be tweaked for its own software language etc).


            It woudl be beyond easy to simply justify the price difference based on the "additional" work needed for the PSN version over the Xbox version, but they dont need to.


            To use your analagy, they are not charging different prices for the same product, they are charging different prices for different (albeit similar) products.  One price for Microsoft beans (say Tescos own), and one price for PSN version (say Heinz).  Whilst you may find this distasteful (to which I agree!), it is by no means against the law.


            I hope this clarifies.

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    Ok just found an article using google and it was a Black ops interview, but Treyarch said they don't set DLC prices.  So that leaves either Activison or PS3.  But I recall a while back that someone mentioned that ps3 set the price.

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    Just wondering. What was the price of previous DLC from either Developments Studios for you in the past Lance Corporal... In comparison with Xbox?

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    It was actually the opposite here in Canada, Season Pass for Xbox worked out to $60 whereas on the PS3 is was $50. How this works I have no idea but maybe Canadians need to actually pay for the fact The DLC come early to the Xbox. Whatever the reason its a clear ripoff.

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    Basically Activision are c**ts who have shafted the PS3 community. Regardless of contracts we make the game what it is as much as the 360 community does. Huge slap in the face of the millions of fans that play on the ps3 around the world.


    However, there is a way to combat this BS. Simple go halves with a friend on the DLC. £25 each seems fair enough! make a account, get a £50 voucher between you and buy. Spend the remaining £8 on whatever. any problems, go onto the sony site deactivate the account on all systems, re-download the DLC.


    F*ck you Activision!

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    Hello Koeswik,

    Thank you for the inquiry. Please keep in mind DLC release dates and pricing may vary from console to console.  Please see the Xbox Market Place, or PSN store for more information on this. ^JG

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      ATVIAssist wrote:


      Hello Koeswik,

      Thank you for the inquiry. Please keep in mind DLC release dates and pricing may vary from console to console.  Please see the Xbox Market Place, or PSN store for more information on this. ^JG


      That's not answering the question that was asked.  He asked why it was £10 dearer on ps3?  Did you even read the question?  That is poor customer service again.

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      Thank you for your reply, but you appear to have missed my point


      I have already paid for my dlc, and it has cost me £10 more on the PS3


      Why £10 more is my question?

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      Technicality I suppose, since 1 MS point doesn't equate to $1


      WHY are the DLC's preiced differently when in the past they have not


      (Check the store for more information?  I don't expect either of the stores to fess up to the reasoning behind their price.  It's product description and price)

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    And I guess you should consider yourself lucky...

    The price of the Season Pass here in the european PSN (I live in Portugal) is 51,99€. Now convert the price to US dollars and compare.


    51,99€ (euro) is (aprox.) = $69.41 (dollars)


    Yep, talking about a ripoff...



    I really would like to hear about Activision's take on this.