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Custom weapon class before level 4? PC

Is it possible? Just saw a guy lvl 2 using PDW. Reported him ingame. I can name him but i'm pretty sure there is some kind of name&shame policy.

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    Could have picked it up off the ground.


    - TopFighter

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    You reported a guy because he was using  a PDW at level 4?


    This is why the report feature doesn't work.  It gets abused by people like you.


    The PDW is the most used weapon in the game, for the fact that it's easily available at an early level and it's a great gun.


    When I prestige, I always pick the Evo class for my first few games because it has Ghost equipped.  I run around and gun, and will most often pick up a different weapon on the ground that is superior.


    Would you report me for killing you with an AN-94 at level 1?  You probably would.

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      Did you read my 1st post? I reported him because i have doubts about the way he acquired the weapon at LEVEL 2! After several deaths i see him rolling the same custom weapon. At level impossible to get, plus you have to be hell of a lucker to pick it up from the ground after every death. And the reporting feature works pretty well imo. I never said that he is cheat or something, 3arc is to decide. If you seem suspicious i will report you.