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Will be resetting my stats tomorrow but...


Will I get that eraser title and be the only person in my clan to do so because I just posted this on my clan page...


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I am expecting at least 20 likes so this is gonna happen, but anyhow, do I defo get that eraser calling card?

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    Yes you will get the eraser title, but like myself you will feel rather robbed. I was master prestige and reset and get an eraser title. Someone who prestiged once could do the same thing and get the same title. I think the eraser title should have only been given to master prestige resets. Not saying you couldn't fresh start any time you want.. just saying you would only get the eraser if your where master.

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    Don't waste your time, that is pretty much throwing away all your hard work.


    It's like reaching the finish line of a race, but all of a sudden deciding to turn all the way back to the start. Doesn't make much sense does it?

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    I am Master Prestige and I am not going anywhere anytime soon.

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    Would you like a medal or a chest to pin it on?

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    People arent afraid of ridicule, theyre afraid that by telling people their home address and name that some crazy will hunt them down and murder their family just because it hasnt been done before exactly this way and in hopes of becoming famous due to our perverted social media.

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    i don't want to erase my stats because I want to see how much stuff I get / do / kill / die when I stop playing the game.

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      Fresh Start is not a big deal. I even reset last COD no biggie. Master Prestige is pretty meaningless. I got master prestige and all I heard was how I must of hacked because I did it in 8 days.. which was not bad for a guy by himself. I think the first dudes did it in 5 days working is shifts. Then all the hackers came out and it really wasn't impressive because so many people had it.. then they got rid of the hackers and offered another x2 weekend, and now tons more have it. Then it was nothing but e-weenie comparisons.. "I'm Master Prestige in 7 days" "I'm Master Prestige and have a better ratio" I'm Master Prestige, and have all diamond" blah blah..


      You wanna know what you get when you become master prestige? A monkey on your back. By the time you are master you probably have over 30,000 kills. With that many people dead it is very hard to maintain your stats. You get mad, you get frustrated, You get pissed off because your W/L is going in crapper because of stupid pubs. You never see your KD moving because your kills are so high. There is no rewards. Overall you are just going through the motions and the game seems like a job. Just say f*ckit and fresh start, then play the game anyway you want and have fun. If you just screw around for 55 levels and have the crapiest stats on earth.. who cares.. prestige and fresh start again. Then if you want to play good play good. Or just run around with a knife for the whole prestige and brag to everyone how you never used a gun the entire rank.


      Fresh Start takes a huge weight off your back, and gives you the chance to actually have fun without being rediculed. Plus, if you really do care about stats, it's a good chance to make them better.


      Trust me.. if you are master prestige with crappy stats. All you are is a joke to anyone who wants to poke fun. You will get stupid emails from people all the time if you beat them even though you have crappy stats "Master Prestige and you are negative! HA HA!! You are a loser!" You get that stuff all the time.. and truth be told.. if you play anchor a lot. Your stats will be in the toilet.

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    I was thinking of resetting actually from 5th prestige but I just recently got my Master killer challenges unlocked and that Calling Card is Awesome!!!   Also I have alot of cool emblems I made;


    does anyone know if you reset if your emblems are reset as well?

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    I understand that you're not afraid to post your information, but we have to remove it anyway.

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    FYI... you WILL lose your customer emblems, IF you have not unlocked an element that was needed to create them. Example. If your emblems use the alphabet section. Say you have words spelled out. After you reset that emblem will disappear, because you haven't unlocked the alphabet yet. I think you unlocks that at 50ish?.. Anyway.. when you get whatever is needed unlocked then your emblem will pop back up.. However, DO NOT EDIT IT. It shows up as a rank symbol, but do not edit it at all. Just leave it alone until you unlock what you need for it to reappear. If you edit it, then it will save the new symbol without anything you need and screw it up. This aslo holds true for special unlocks. One of my emblems requirest the 10 kills in DM in a row "splatter" symbol. I have not gotten those 10 kills yet, so my emblem won't unlock because I dodn't have the proper splatter.


    There is a sort of glitch though. Before your reset. Equip whatever emblem you want. The one you want on your gun for example. Then do your reset. The emblem WILL stay.. but you cannot edit it. The slot that it is in will show a default rank symbol but the emblem will stay as long as you don't touch it or change it. If you change it even once it's gone.


    Also your showcase is the same way. I had a picture of my diamond LMGs and my grim reaper, headhunters and stuff. I didn't clear those so they are still there even though I didn't finish those challenges yet.