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league play

first off we were playing 4v4 leage play tonight and one of the mater top five teams got against us and changed the map like 3 times to what seemed to be what they wanted is that even possible? because it really seemed like they were cheating like wall hack type of cheating it was unreal not to metion the huge connection advantage they had i know that seems dumb but it really happened at most it changes one time to something diffrent second thing is who thinks they should add diffrent types of leauge play not just the same boring stuff make it a challenge and add game modes that arent popular into the mix because anyone can play one or two of the most popluar game modes and do great at league play level the playing field and make it more about pure skill not just who knows the most tricks to beat people in that game mode because its only testing 3 game mode skills im just saying because we beat one of the top master in our game mode but then when it goes to one we are weak at and play another top team we get beat when we know easily we could of beat them in the game mode we play and are the best at so if you put games modes people dont play a lot at it will take more skill and stragey to beat the other team