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Ideas/Hopes for next DLC map settings

I'd like to see a cruise ship, an underground sewer type system (sorta like how dark knight rises was, but with drops and inclines/declines, waterfall things, etc), shopping mall could be cool with elevators and stores to go in, jungle map, auto factory/steel mill, santas workshop

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    Cruise ship would be really cool.  Have a center dinner area, 3 stories, and have to areas on the front and back with many obstacles.  A two story shopping mall would be cool too,  have a restaurant and a couple shops that you can go in and have a obstacles blocking routes, have the glass ceiling for killstreaks.

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    I hope they bring back some black ops 1 maps like Firing Range, Summit, WMD, Kowloon, Hanoi etc those maps were pretty sweet. Especially the rain on kowloon and night on Hanoi.

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    The Whitehouse, like in MW2, but this time a MP map.

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    Hijacked is a cruise ship.


    I wouldn’t mind seeing Black Ops 1 Annihilation map pack “Drive-In” return. Another great addition would be the return or something similar to Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence map pack “Carnival”. Personally I’m against the return of Black Ops 1 “Firing Range” mainly because it’s symbolic of Black Ops I and nothing personal but Black Ops II already has too many short sized maps.

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    What about the village were Menendez lives and where his sister gets killed? It's in the campaign

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    dust & dust 2

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    How about maps that are wide open with a few areas of cover like wasteland I know alot of people hated this map but idc it was a snipers dream and its supposed to be the grass was nice and tall so that you could hide in it. I miss these maps or even afgan or that desert map on mw2 with the sniper hill on top and crashed plane in the middle with like a big bunker. These maps are classic and well designed.


    Now its like a barrel or box at EVERY corner and you know i'm right! Its lame. Most all the maps have a left, middle, or right plan of engagement. Standoff and yemen are fairly nice but still the maps feel so cluddered and tight. I want a map where an smg user on hardcore can not shoot me across the map same for the f'n pistol. ( smgs and pistols need damage drop offs at range big time or more recoil). But the maps benefit these players which is fine but make some maps that smg users are at a disadvantage because right now every map has a similar design one side of the map is open with bigger sight lines for sniping or whatever the other side has obstructions or corners to protect against long range engagements.


    Think about Raid ( i like this map btw) but the pool side is more open for long kills the other side has these stupid pointess concrete pillars for what purpose( obviously for cover but not realistic).