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Hey, activision i ******* hate campers so i was thinking that if you could make a new gameplay, the rules is simple is just team deathmatch are moshpit, I will suggest the rule, you can camp max. 5 sec are be in the same area in a couple seconds. I can't explain it more. So I hope guys can maybe explain more , if they know what I mean..... ;D


- Sorry for bad english I come from Denmark

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    Here we go again......

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    That will never happen, so just suck it up and get over it.

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    Not everyone can run & gun, or run & gun for 10 minutes like a headless chicken like you experts, so get over yourself!

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    But my LMG takes a good 8 seconds to reload.  How would I ever survive??  But seriously, you probably would like going back to MW3 and playing Choas Surival Mode.  You have to keep getting kills to stay alive.  Granted you're playing against BOTs but there are a lot of them and they shoot back.

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    Alle bør bare køre rundt, hoppe og skyde, og hvis du ikke kan få at du er bare en noob og du bør gå spille noget lettere er, hvis du ikke er dum, du kunne hoppe og dræbe. Dens så nemt, at selv min lille bror kan gøre det, og han taler endnu mindre engelsk så mig, og jeg ved, du folk forstår mig og undskyld for min gode Google Translate.

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    Stop gråd

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    For the 100th time no one cares if you don't like campers, whining about it won't change it so learn to play better so they aren't a problem for you.