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Camo question

So I've been going for Diamond shotguns, and have completed the R870, S12, and KSG. In order to get the KSG from my most recent prestige (used all my unlock tokens like an idiot) I had to prestige, and used my perma-unlock for that prestige to get the KSG. I got gold on the KSG before level 30, and now I'm 22ish levels from the M1216.


The default specialist class has an M1216 I can use, but I'm wondering if using those classes even counts towards camo unlocks. Anyone know for sure if this is a thing, or would I be wasting my time?

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    Hi IlLogical:


    From what I can remember, you would be wasting your time.  I know for sure using the default classes will only permanently unlock attachments if you have the weapon already unlocked (I tried with the scorpion and when I was finally able to unlock the weapon itself... there were no attachments unlocked).

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      Thanks! Saved me a lot of hassle. Now all I have to do is get to 52 and gold the M1216 and then I can diamond my shotties and pair that with my diamond crossbow. Blingtastic!

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    Easy way to tell is to go in and look to see where you are at in your camo progress (headshots, double kills, whatever) then go play some games using the standard class weapon. Look back at your progess afterwards and see if the numbers have changed.


    I can't say for sure but I don't see why they wouldn't count. It's just all about using the specific weapon.

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      It only works if you have the weapon unlocked.  Just like picking a gun up off of the ground.  If you have it unlocked your progress will count towards the attachments but if you don't then it doesn't.