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Loadout and playstyle?

I only picked up my copy of BO2 a couple of weeks ago, i was playing a lot of FarCry 3 and FIFA 13 and it just slipped under the radar this year. Plus i was really dissapointed with MW3 so i wasn't in a rush to pick it up at release. Im glad i have now though because IMO this is the best COD title in recent years (not including COD4).


I think i have finally found the perfect setup for my playstyle, after many many failed combinations, but i would like to know yours too, incase i get bored of playing the same way each game, although its working for my stats after an appalling start. I am whats classed as a "rusher" i suppose, I race around the map as quickly as i can to flank the enemies if possible and if not, just beat them to the punch in a head-on gunfight and steal all the flags. Im all about speed and surprise. I only play Domination too, it's the only game mode i enjoy really. So my loadout is as follows...


Primary: PDW or MSMC (I know, noob!)

Attachments: Silencer and Fast Mag

Perk 1: Lightweight and Ghost

Perk 2: Cold Blooded

Perk 3: Dexterity and Extreme Conditioning

Wildcards: Perk 1 Greed and Perk 3 Greed

Scorestreaks: UAV, Counter-UAV, and Stealth Chopper


I don't use any secondary weapons, lethals or tacticals... just my primary weapon and perks.


Im now finishing in the top 3 players in the lobby almost everygame, more than half of them as number 1, and getting well over 2k/d with SPM in the mid 300's to low 400's. Obviously i do have bad games every so often, usually on a map i dont like, RAID for example is not fun for me to play, it just doesn't suit my playstyle.


So i guess i am wondering is there another way to play this game and still retain these sorts of figures, because i have struggled to find a loadout that allows a high SPM and k/d besides the one i use now. I used to have a much more conventional, methodical approach to COD games in the past, assault rifle with grenades and launcher of some sort, scavenger perk etc etc... and played more cautiously but still finished high up the leaderboards, i just can't seem to do that in BO2.


Thanks in advance for your input.

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    This is just IMO, everybody has their own preference in loadout.


    Get rid of cold blooded, replace with toughness (for gunfights) or scav (for long streaks).

    Get rid of ExCon P3 greed (with lightweight and SMG, your already lightning quick) replace with a lethal and tactical, i like C4+EMP.

    If you play OBJ you might cosider fitting flak in there somewhere too.


    Happy hunting

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      Thanks for the tips, i always wondered whether i needed lightweight when i have an smg equipped, does it make that much difference? ExCon is useful for bigger maps to reach objectives quicker, could i get rid of lightweight instead?


      I always find i get shot as im using lethals and tacticals, i guess thats just bad timing.

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        Yeah you could drop lightweight if you run a SMG. If your used to lightweight though, it might be a hard transition.


        I never run ExCon, so im not the best person to ask lol. The way i see it though, extra sprint isnt worth a slot unless your playing in a party and you want to immediately flip spawns etc. Otherwise just dont run as much. Im what they call a run and gunner/rusher, yet i still never find a use for ExCon.


        Lastly, practice when-and-when-not-to use lethals. The benefit of running C4/EMP/STUN is huge. Ive lost count how many times ive got myself out of sticky situations with those

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          Cool, i think i will try both combo's tonight and see if it improves my game at all, im doing pretty well as i am now though. I was really looking for different ways to play, as your a rusher like me it's more tweaks to what i have. Appreciated all the same though.

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    nice to see another satisfied customer opposed to all the haters this game recieves at times,  I wonder if it lasts lol,  keep us informed.

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      I've got to be honest, i was almost, almost one of the haters. I just couldnt get to grips with it until i used my current loadout. It can be extremely frustrating at first, i hadn't played MW3 for about 6 months either so i guess i was going in as a born-again noob lol.


      The game isn't broken at all though, its just people that suck on BO2 that didn't suck as much on say MW3 assume it must be the games fault, it couldn't possibly be the way they are playing!

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        yeah,  there is times when this game frustrates me,  however if i turn it off for a few hours then go back to it i enjoy it again,  its good just to give yourself a break when you start to get annoyed with every little thing.  happy gaming,  enjoy.

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    For ARs in DOM I like Blind Eye/Flac Jacket, Toughness, and Tac Mask along with a KAP 40 as my back up.  I'll switch to the KAP while capping the home flag and run with it until I get close to the B flag (you run faster with a light gun in hand).  Then I'll take out the defenders and cap B.  My average SPM is 330 but I'll have games in the 400 and 500 range from time to time.  It just depends on how agressive the competition is.  Obviously I can't rush hard with an AR like I can an SMG.  So if they are staying back it won't be as high but if they attack then it could get really high.  I actually like Raid but my routes to the flags are very different if I'm using an SMG or an AR.  For ARs I run the outside route towards B but for SMGs I tend to go up the middle or poolside and then middle to cut down on the range shots.  It just depends on how my competition is playing it.

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    I mostly play TDM so I usually rock an assault rifle (AN-94 and M27 are my favourites) with quickdraw and stock or silencer and stock. I don't use a secondary and the perks I usually use are lightweight, hardline, toughness and dexterity with C4 or frags and a concussion nade.

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    IMO, i never saw the need to run LW or EC with an smg. and when i rush im usually moving to much to worry about a silencer or ghost. i want them to know my general area lol.i made a class last night for fun that ive been having good luck with,


    vector w/fast mags

    remington w/long barrell



    fast hands/scavenger









    also, OP dont hesitate to try new stuff!! LMG's are fun (especially on turbine/drone with target finder)

    drives the snipers bat **** !!

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    Thanks for the posts guys, really given me something to think about, i might experiment a bit but if it all goes tits up i will have to resort to my usual class and hope i don't get bored.

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      My playstyle is to run and gun straight into to heat of the battle. Currently I'm hooked on HC/KC. I can recommend the Vector possibly with long barrel+FMJ. P1 = Hardline P2 = Scavvy P3 = Excon + dexterity/tacmask. C4 + EMP. I also run this without attachments and then add lightweight (helps with reaching the tags faster than others).
      The EMP grenade is definately a usefull addition to your loadout, especially in combination with scavvy. It will help you get those last few XP points to reach a pointstreak reward.