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    Shock horror, for the first time EVER a gun is offered up in a DLC and it becomes overused! What a twist, who saw that coming etc etc


    No, its not OP, it gets buggered up close by most other SMGs, and ARs/LMGs smack it down at range. It works just fine as is.


    Also, to address some other interesting facets of this thread:


    - I dont think we need ANOTHER AR, we have 9 already! Another LMG or Shotgun would be nice. Couldn't begrudge snipers a new weapon either, so long as its not spammable


    - No the maps are not ALL the same size. Are you really trying to tell me Turbine is the same size as Cargo? IMO there aren't many maps on which CQC weapons are a potential no-no.


    - Anal sex with a gun is impossible. Attempting to do so will cause extreme pain, and possibly wind up with you in A&E having to explain your ruined member.

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    The gun is ******* horrible, a M27 with less range.

    BTW, it seems like the Peacekeeper was in the game before the DLC was actually released...

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    lmao.nerf the peacekeeper?? the slowest killing SMG in the game? if anything it needs a SLIGHT buff.  I use the gun alot because its as stout as some of the ARs at med. range with far less recoil.  Sure, it has a long range, but it is faaaaaar from OP. I've found the range only gets you in trouble when u go up against an AR, and it sucks in close-quarters.  The PK is a slightly better than average gun if you fight at medium range most of the time

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    I really wanted to like the PK.  I either use an ASR or SMG depending on the map.  I was hoping this would be a great combination of the two.  Instead, it seems they took the worst features of both classes to make this.


    Type 25 is everything the Peacekeeper wishes it could be.

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    Nerf nothing. The end.

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    Nerf it?? It feels like a water pistol as it is already, what do you want doing to it? Should they remove the water and allow it to just shoot air at people??

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    I assume you meant to respond to the op? Either way, nerf nothing.

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    Ah ye I did, my bad! It's early, not fully woken up yet lol!

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    No worries.

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    This gun is perfect I use it alot (around 4k kills lol)


    Here are my thoughts,


    It's a laser beam so it doesn't matter how many bullets it takes to kill.

    Rof is the same as pdw/Msmc.

    Cqc is terrible and even withstand sight, it'll shoot perfectly straight with it but the enemy still needs to be like 20 feet away to die from the straight hip fire.


    Bottom line, no nerf required and applauds treyarch balance.


    Pro tip: use silencer,QuickDraw. And that's it.