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Voting system to migrate host?

I was just wondering if there could be a voting system in-game that allows a certain amount of players to vote to migrate the host if the game is running terribly, have had a few games where the lag is damn near unbearable and pretty much right near the end of the match is when it migrates host.


Say maybe 6+ votes in the current game will migrate the host without kicking that player who is the current host?


I dunno just a random thought.

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    Nope not possible.


    How would you know who to pass host to?

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      How does the game know who to migrate host to if the current host of the game leaves........it moves to the next player with the best connection.


      With 1000+ posts that you have I would of expected you would not ask dumb questions or give dumb answers.

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    what 3arc needs to have done or still SHOULD do, is keep a running total of games quit and dashboarded and keep that count attached to each xbox live ID. Then when the lobby gathers and the game picks a host, it should take into strong consideration who quits less.

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    I would support this heartily- like rolling a care package if enough people vote you at least have the option of a decent host.


    As to tracking the quit total, I really don't care although I understand the perspective. I just want a decent connection with good hit detection. If they quit repeatedly I would deal with it as long as they are capable of providing decent ping.


    I had a tough time last night and in fact one notable room had a host in Alaska. Everybody was quitting and I would have too execept that I had limited time online and was closing out a weapons challenge, having already bounced several times from other bad hosts.Ridiculous.

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    If this game had the MW2 host migration, it would be in a constant host migration tell the next COD comes out.

    That when there are 400 people playing within 20 miles of you, the game can't find them.

    If you leave a game in MW2, it puts you back in that same game 5 times in a row.

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    I can see this as a bad thing. People would abuse this a lot. It should only give players the option to vote if the game begins to slow down or lag.