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SMG's since the latest patch


As we all know the latest patch saw SMG's have their range decreased when using a silencer. I think overall this move made perfect sense as it was a little too easy to get kills from longer distances with silenced SMG's. However since the patch I have noticed that it really is very difficult to kill anyone with a silenced SMG so people are starting to use them unsilenced and I think this has made the game a little mad and frantic.


Because the maps are so small using an unsilenced SMG just leads to a lot more deaths, I am finding that using assault rifles (silenced and unsilenced) is becoming a far better way to play the game now.


My worry is that people will start to realise they are dying a hell of a lot more since the patch, switch up their weapon and tactics and we are going to see a big increase in 'camping' tactics. I personally am not too bothered about my K/D but I am bothered about reaching higher scorestreaks such as VSAT so that my team is more capable of playing the objective and thus winning the game.


I like to play a tactic that involves me using the edges of the maps picking off people as i go and playing the objectives when it is safe to. I dont do a lot of sitting around, i like to be on the move but not frantically dashing to the middle of the map like some do. This used to work great with a silenced SMG but now i am finding something like a silenced Type-25 or An-94 is a far better way to play since SMGs are now a little poor.


Again not saying this was a bad change, probably the right change. But going to be interesting to see how people change their tactics to suit

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    they wont change their tactics theyll find ways to get closer and kill the enemy and maybe u didnt realize the maps are build for smgs and shotguns so u can nerf em all u want theyll still dominate

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    Maybe I've got short memory, but for me SMGs feel the same

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      Agreed, I can't tell the difference. The PDW+Suppresor is still a beast in my hands. I'll admit though that I never used it as an AR like a lot of people mistakenly did, so not being able to smoke unsuspecting players at unrealistic ranges is not something I miss. Get used to using SMGs at the APPROPRIATE ranges...or switch to an AR.

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    I don't use silencer anymore on SMGs because I tried it last night and it was the most frustrating thing ever. No problem. The only benefit a silencer had for me was that I got more group kills.


    No weapon is unusable in this game (apart from snipers for me but everyone else seems to do well with them) I use SMG/AR on most maps and an LMG on Carrier and as long you play to the strengths of the weapon you will be fine.


    I don't rush with an LMGm, I constantly ADS down long sight lines whilst moving from cover to cover and with an SMG I get a bit more mobile and try to out-maneuveur the enemy.

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    used to love the silenced msmc one of the all-time great cod guns but it isnt as good now 


    using it unsilenced now but isnt the same

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    They are still working great for me but then again, I only use them like an SMG so maybe my expectations have always been skewed.


    I think many people got used to using them like ARs and Snipers, which they never should have been capapable of being.


    Good change if people are seeing the difference due to using them as something they are not.


    Balance? Madness!

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    depends on the connection for me... in good lobbies i dont see an issue but in bad lobbies i swithh to the vector with scav and just launch c4 and shock charges at every corner so when i need to run a distance in an open area i can cover the gap where my gun is almost useless quickly and safely.. it seems to actually piss people off a lot...