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My opinion on all the issues, a new twist and theory.

This is just my opinion and I am by no means claiming anything but it may be worth noting.


My opinion on the issues with Black Ops 2 is put simply down to the Xbox 360 is no longer over powered.


Each edition of CoD has seen more and more been added to the game be it through weapons, graphics, features, map detail etc.


The Xbox 360 hardware is now 10 years old and I theorise that the games are stretching this hardware to the point where the Xbox is simply unable to cope. Add to the OS updates on the Xbox and it simply can't cut the mustard anymore.


With the massive success of the franchise and the number of people all playing at once, the program that looks after multiplayer must be resource hungry.


Microsoft updated cooling components in the newest Xboxs which evidences the fact they are working harder then ever before.


We would expect to have issues with 2012 programs running on 2003 PC's yet we expect the Xbox to do it. Just check up on the specs of the Xbox, they are pitiful. I know consoles work differently to PCs but the difference between current PC hardware and what's in the Xbox is huge.


This is a brief post but I think that come Christmas this year or next when we have the next gen console, we will be back to the happy days of CoD working properly and a whole new graphical experience to enjoy.