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Call of Duty 2013 "Spending Reward System"  (long read)


Zachary Myers (Rugged Savior, Xbox 360)

December 31, 2012


Spending System:

The Spending System is a reward structure that grants points to the player who pursues the objectives.  The amount of points given is dependent upon both the consistency and skill of those pursuits.  Once any number of points are gained, they will remain on the player until they are spent. Death does NOT reduce or completely reset the amount of points the player has earned (unless it were adjusted in private match).


**The ONLY method of losing the points you gained, is if you were to kill your teammate when Friendly Fire is enabled.  Points cannot go below 0**

**Example of the Spending System (Taken from Black Ops 2)**


Reward Costs (examples):

UAV – 15 points

Extra Perk (temporary)  – 15 points

CUAV – 20 points

Ballistic Vests – 30 points

Airstrike – 45 points

Helicopter – 70 points

Recon Drone – 95 points

Reaper – 100 points

Orbital VSAT – 110 points

Tactical Nuke – 2000 points (joke)


Player has: 90 points

Can spend it on – UAV 15, CUAV 20, airstrike 45 – 10 points left

Can spend it on – Helicopter 70, Uav 15 – 5 points left


Reward Shortcuts:

We are used to having 3 rewards selected.  I believe it should be increased to 6.  Scrolling through all 6 rewards can be done by pressing up and down on the D-Pad (Xbox/PS3).  An additional option to view the ENTIRE list of rewards can be performed with a specific button combination that is currently unknown.


Reward Structure:

The following list is an example of how certain game modes reward the player.  Notice how kills have more point gains in Team Deathmatch and Free For All, but not in Kill Confirmed.  Various killing actions will only be rewarding if they physically contributed to the objectives at hand.


Universal Point Gains:

Destroying Air Support: Points vary depending on what was destroyed

Rescues: 4 points (More if that player was on an objective)

Destroying Enemy Equipment: Varies

Hacking Enemy Equipment/Rewards: Varies


Team Deathmatch & Free For All:

Kills: 4 Points

Assists: 2 points (TDM only)

Headshots: 2 points



2X – 4 points

3X – 6 Points

4X – 8 points



5 Kill Spree: 10 points

10 Kill Spree: 20 points

15 Kill Spree: 30 points

20 Kill Spree: 50 points

25 Kill Spree: Tactical Nuke (Just Kidding)


Kill Confirmed:

Kills: 0 points

Gold Tags: 8 points (tags left by an enemy that YOU killed)

Silver Tags: 4 Points to the collector / 4 points to the killer (tags left by an enemy your teammate killed)

Red tags: 3 points (0 Points for denying our own tags—prevents boosting)

Sweeper: 8 points (Collected 3+ various tags, except your own, in quick succession)

Gold Rush:  14 points (Collected 3+ gold tags in quick succession)

Tag Master: 18 points (Collected 10 various tags, except your own, without dying)

Tag Obsession: 30 points (Collected 20 various tags, except your own, without dying)

Tag Defense: Points vary based on distance--Killed a player drawing close to a confirm or deny


Domination & Headquarters:

Kills: 0 points

Securing Starting A/C Position: 4 points (Domination Only)

Captures: 12 points (20 points in HQ)

Defends: 8 Points

Offensives: 6 Points

Capture Kills: 6 Points

Capture Assist: 5 points (If an ally secured the objective after you died while securing yourself)

Defend Assist: 4 Points (if you damaged an enemy who was trying to take your position)

Secure Effort: 1 Point Per every 10 % of the objective you tried to capture before dying (2 points in HQ)

Capture Master: 8 points (secured a position alone)

Team Effort: 8 points (secured a position with 3+ players, not including the A/C flag in the beginning)



Kills: 2 points

Assists: 1 point

Capture: 10 points

Secure Duration: 2 points every 2 seconds spent remaining on the objective

Defense: 8 points

Defense Assists: 4 points

Contesting: 4 points

Fortified: 15 points (spend a total of 30 seconds on the Hardpoint without dying)

Impenetrable: 30 points (spend a total of 60 seconds on the Hardpoint without dying)


What do you think?  Please offer mature feedback.  Thank you for reading!