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  • 50. Re: DA aim assist vs Wiimote nothing

    wiimote was closer to par with aimassist, but the aim through walls was alot more noticeable. then they gimp it again. but then again i am better with wiimote then DA in general =/. but at above avridge with both that would be expected. below avridge should be better with DA(skill effects wiimote alot more than DA even without aimassist, better wiimote pros, worse wiimote noobs.)

  • 51. Re: DA aim assist vs Wiimote nothing

    As I said in other post.....The wii-mote CANNOT compete with the gsmepad/classic controller.


    Im a wii-mote user and it takes 10 bullets from the wii-mote to every 5 bullets per gamepad/classic controller to kill someone.


    When I get tired of getting beat down into the ground with the wii-mote, I which to the gamepad and its like night and day difference between the two. You can kill people a lot quicker with the gamepad/classic controller. Very noticable, but I cant use the gamepad quite as good as the wii-mote.Therefore, I switch back to the wii-mote after a few games.


    In black ops I camped because thats the first game like that I ever played. My clan-mates told me it was more fun to run and gun so I started doing that and that went on into MW3. Now black ops 2 is mostly for snipers and campers. So now Im hooked on run and gunning but the maps arent made for that plus the controllers are off from one another.


    I dont have a lot of good to say about black ops 2, but its a  ( time passer game ) til something better comes out.

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    There is no snap on. That's just theater mode being dumb. Aim assist doesn't kick in unless your reticule is directly on your target.

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    Thats what bugs me....you dont really have to aim near the guy for aim assist to kick in...of course, sometimes this ends up working against you. some xbox guys are asking for an aim assist nerf because it screws them over more than it helps them.

  • 54. Re: DA aim assist vs Wiimote nothing

    It actually annoys me.  When the cursor sticks its hard to get the lock to break.  Its weird to me having to kill the guy that I wasn't really trying to aim at because he sprinted in front of me. 

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    BobbyMcGee wrote:


    Ok am I insane or did those to posts completely contradict each other? I give up jebus christo.

    I don't know.  It was very late when I wrote them and I'm not going to read them again.  I definitely don't want aim assist removed.  I just think certain aspects of it need to go.  Aiming through walls and the sticky lock on that makes players do a 180.  The lock on should definitely break sooner than it does.

  • 56. Re: DA aim assist vs Wiimote nothing

    Hey buddy it wasn't a personal attack or anything, we just have different controllers. Some people seem to take things a bit far and next thing you know its my wiimote is bigger than yours. There's a huge difference between disagreeing and just being a troll, and I don't think you are the later one bit, its all good silent footsteps.

  • 57. Re: DA aim assist vs Wiimote nothing

    @OP.  The aim assist is coming back and things will be fair again after that.  Patience you must have.  Anger leads to the dark side...

  • 58. Re: DA aim assist vs Wiimote nothing

    Exactly, with wii remote all I get is hitmarkers. Something aint right.

  • 59. Re: DA aim assist vs Wiimote nothing

    they will fix it, dont worry.

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